Eventually, Fung Hun Man figures out it was So Kei and the three temporarily accept each other, until So Kei develops a relationship with Yi Long San’s boss, a ruthless tomboy chief editor. Consumed with anger, she just cannot help humiliating LONG. After Hannah gets into a car accident, Yi Long San admits at his wife’s grave that he has been unfaithful as he has feelings for Hannah. I am still chuckling over the fact he was the stern magistrate in Ghetto Justice! It was said Myolie got thinner, she explained because of this shoot, she has been keeping fit in order to prevent getting her limelight stolen by the other beautiful ladies. Login or Register before you can reply to H.

Unfortunately Snoopy, in real life, plots like this do occur between two different social classes so let the story play on. Login or Register before you can reply to vivien. At the end of this month, I will be going out for stage performances, but the most important is that I’m enjoying my work. He also doesn’t mind working with Tavia in the future, since she is experienced and someone he can learn from. I really enjoy this drama and watch it over and over and over again…but it is interesting to see many different views from all of you…it is okay…thx. I cannot worry too much about money, trying to make money in a rush is no good. She felt Yi Long San is not supportive and constantly puts her aside when necessary.

MAN makes it clear that he is not going to perform in his self-created drama. Him reveals there will be a bed scene with Mandy later this week. During his youth, he adopted two girls and had them become sisters-in-training: Login or Register before you can reply to skinnymocha. After a few attempts, he finally manages to find out that HEI has been doing community service work at a temple on an outlying island. Later, I learned that ‘Heung’ means dead.

Divas in Distress

A police constable, while investigating the suspected theft at Pei Gik, reveals to SING that HEI is found to have a criminal record, which has come as a real shock for the lad.

Hannah’s absence has made Yi Long San realized how much he misses her and after she randomly returned for a news report, covering the Apocalypse, Yi Long San made it clear he wants to be with her and the two became a cameraman-reporter couple.


Filming completely in mid-June Login or Register before you can reply to Norika. In the series, she rarely has to appear in a bikini, but her current measurements are Regarding the news that he needs Tavia to support him, Him says artists must accept all types of news, good or bad, otherwise showbiz isn’t for them.

Her popularity is rapidly on the rise as she is crowned the new generation ‘Elegant Goddess’ and has successfully stolen Christine Kuo’s limelight. Cant wait for series no 19 where they will be in Tokyo, the bed scene might be there too. Because So Gay has been so popular after Divas In Distress, his appearance really boosted the atmosphere.

Limping towards a bed scene in episode 17 and still the girl shies away. Login or Register before you can reply to elle. She wants to feel sorry for herself for the rest of her life then so be it. Vincent lets go every time and idstress third time that Hei puts his hands on her waist and he holds on tight because he knows that both Hei and him don’t want to lose each other because they still love each other.

While this is happening, Vincent takes the chance to try to win Kwai Yi Hei’s heart, but she remains distant.

He hopes to buy his own home at the end of the year. The average viewership rating increased to 31 points last week, averaging 1. The background scenery looked absolutely beautiful, Eliza praised: SING distresss full of inspiration after catching a glimpse of the graffiti in a slum, and decides to make a few changes to the decoration theme of the shopping mall. Posted September 10, Eh… not really my kind of relationship. After Hannah recovers, she pretends to have lost distrese memories and even develops an aggressive personality to make it easier for Yi Long San to realize it’s better to move away.

Divas in Distress – Wikipedia

Due to her disability, she was unable to continue acting and was forced to retire; she was looked over and Sheung Ying Hung took her place, rose to the top of stardom, and became very successful.

He is very clever. If I were the guy I will give up. Posted September 25, When he committed a crime, he convinced Kwai Yi Hei to take the fall and promised to marry her after she’s released; she believed in her boyfriend and heartedly agreed to take the fall. Chin Kar Lok revealed a few days ago, he won air tickets to go for a trip around the world as his honeymoon with Angela Tong.


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The finale averaged 33 points, and peaked at 36 points. However, Vincent vows to prove his loyalty and devotion to her and eventually wins her heart again. TVB dramas in Eventually, the two finally recognize each other’s feelings and begin secretly seeing each other, but not without the ire of Vincent’s mother.

Share this post Link episkde post Share on other sites. When he assigns Kwai Yi Hei Yi Long San’s cousin, played by Mandy Dsitress to renovate one of his open office areas, he is disgusted by her smell and tomboyish looks, but things that later change when he falls in love with her abilities.

Him Law and Mandy Wong Share Bed Scene in “Divas in Distress” |

I usually say we’re good sisters, but Him says we’re good brothers. How much more must I suffer her indecision when So Kei, within the same episode met and fell for the love of his life and is having a relationship and these 2 young hot blooded attractive couple is still limping, dragging towards an obvious end? I liked their relationship at dsitress, but then it started getting too torturous. I’ll be happy enough with that award.

Ah Jeh’s speaks with authority, since she’s experienced, her advice is definitely helpful. However, there is a different feeling with Him Law. Of course awards are important, but you cannot diztress for one. We all just want the company to keep on improving.

By Prettysup Started November 9, Posted September 13, However, her quest nearly accidentally costs the life of Michel and Hannah eventually drops the investigation.

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