No worrrieeesss Young Rae, I’ve seen an identical copy of your boobs manyyy a time, it won’t be awkward or unethical, your boobs are basically mine since I’m dating you in ze future! Every week hyuk ponders whether he is interfering too much but then keeps changing his mind. I don’t know I feel like it’s more understandable for Aejung to have those images because she was the one breaking up the group and feels as though she really lost something and wants to preserve the memory. And, our lead characters, they bother me to the core. Lol I’m with you. Ikemen Desu Ne Japanese Drama.

Lise July 11, at 6: And I hope Pil-joo stays in korea and maybe something between him and Seri can come about slowly I don’t know I feel like it’s more understandable for Aejung to have those images because she was the one breaking up the group and feels as though she really lost something and wants to preserve the memory. I never understood why I kept watching even though I hated it! He accompanies this with a pat on her shoulder. I wish that I will not have heart problem literally just by watching Best Love. All My Love Korean Drama.

And poor old Kyung-Tak is still in shoulder-patting territory. If they got blown up and thus episodd ‘happily ever after’ as particles it would make no difference to me. Sllip I’ll definitely try it next episode and be sure to prepare a box of tissue. It’s refreshing to know that other people are going through what I am going through. Kyoto Inferno Japanese Movie. DJ need to live for all of us fangirls if not for AJ.

So with that in mind he actually pauses the conversation in the court so that he can lean over and fart in front of all the ministers. At that arrogant highest [che-go] peak, live well.


Episode 15

And in the film Actresses, veterans Yoon Yeo-jung and Lee Mi-sook lamented that actors socialized with each other more in the past, unlike the vr star system where they’re insulated by their entourages. PS I live near Manila, too: I look at this as being my Fashion King drama. WHAT are these writers smoking? Sllip – Thanks for making me laughing – its a nice start for Friday: I have very little hope that the writers will ever get our two leads right.

Jin found the lump but didn’t say anything because he wanted her get pregnant so that the future lover could become born.

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Hotaru no Hikari Japanese Drama. I loved all the kissing and hugging in this episode, it was just all so sweet and genuine!!

She mixed in some sort of medication into water that she gave Aejung, except Mina drank it. I can’t believe we have to wait a week, or hours minus a day since it is Thursday according to Dokko Jin, to find out what happens. It was really ridiculous. And speaking of that stupid-ly done breast exam, whose idea was it to include the “feeling your nipple timw part?

DJ falls for AJ and takes her to look jimchidrama flowers. Heads, this recap is great I read this news New news: Thank you so much GF for very fast recap. Win a Japanese Snack box today! But yeah I have to cross out my theory on him as the bandaged man because I don’t think the bandaged man sustained any gunshot wounds when he was brought in to the hospital. La Maison de Himiko Japanese Movie.


Kiara July 11, at 4: Broadcast starting date in Korea: Yukan Club Japanese Drama. I think she’s the type of person who looks and feels cool all the time without overdoing it eposode know?

Not that he makes it any easier, following her around like a lovesick puppy, though he veils it as no, I was epizode do this, no I was gonna thatjust tailing her around.

Sure, I knew it was amazing way back in the earlier episodes, but to make it through episodes 13 and 14 without slowing down, like most dramas, it’s just awesome. Awe July 12, at 5: BL has seriously fed my procrastination hime about things related to work and I think am in serious trouble.

It is not because of the actress It is how the character kichidrama written Even if another long time actress with great skills to play Young Rae the results would have been the same.

Doctor Yoo makes sure to get a dig in about Hyuk, and for the most part, everyone just stews.

I have the urge to just skip the finale That was a Joseon home run!! Aw, I both love and hate how fiercely prideful these two are.

They hatch their escape plan, and Jae-seok and Ae-hwan show up with an ambulance, causing a big stir. That would be kkmchidrama nice way to get the girls all together again: I love this show!!!!!

Episodes by LollyPip. Well its a no brainer innit?

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