Cowering in the road, Hu-ye had been terrified. I want to raid her closet!!!! I mean I would love to see protest in the deity land, would love to some more angst over father dying It was the exact same thing done over again. It was good travelling with you drama This really was a bad drama. I should real before writing in a fury: What did he do to deserve any love from So-Ah?

So long, and thanks for all the fish! Whatever the plot and outcome, I will always be glad for this show that introduced to me this pairing. Tiffany Yuumi August 23, at 5: It was first introduced as a way of raising the stakes–suddenly it’s a big deal, because if Ha-baek doesn’t become king, he will be dead. I really loved the characters and relationship of so ah and habaek and I would never call myself a romance fan so it’s really surprising that that’s what made me stick to the show. I think everything ended as well as it could have. Did you watch episode 15? So-ah starts to put her pictures back the way they were, but she lingers over the photo of her father.

My overall guess goes something like this: I hope they will continue this show in some way with where people are but I know they arent cause they bagoan it off with a “happy ending” of them living out their lives together but still Grinning, Bi-ryum follows her, pulling Namsuri with him. At one point winopsis this episode I said out loud, “I am sooo in the dark here!

That’s why the two other gods, with their full powers, were unable to. They shouldn’t have left many loopholes. Maybe the writer wanted to do something different, because there was literally any way the story could go, but they probably felt to much pressure and decided to just play it safe. Oh, the cast was great in their roles. I agree with every single word you said.

I agree with your comment about NJH to an extent. And why they have never explained Habaek’s marital status? Jika terdapat link drama yang tidak bisa dibuka mohon beritahu kami. Also shouldn’t Hu Ye’s curse of being reborn been broken?


To me they went all in on romance over story whereas Arang took almost half the drama to build the story before the romance really kicks in. I watched it on a surface level so it was very enjoyable for me.

Gah, like Javabeans said, I truly love this story on paper. We’ll continue to search a better partner then Yeom-mi informs So-ah that she finally deciphered the rest of her dream, where So-ah says that the person who saved her will be her god of death. But I guess I was wrong. Jang Yi Kyung menghilang tepat sebelum pernikahannya dengan pewaris konglomerat Choi Kang-joo.

Sinopsis Drama Bride of The Century Episode 1-16 (Tamat)

Am I the only one who find this drama to be useless, dissapointing, without any plot and many unresolved question?? Except that while it was sad, it sort of came out of nowhere. And ssk is breaking my heart. Very dissapointment with the endingany way I already feel bored since ep 14 too much filler.

Ha-baek is stricken, remembering how badly So-ah wants to see her father one more time. Jadwal Tayang di Indonesia: IJH is definitely not dissapointing here And ok he kisses well – that’s always a plus! And that’s it for the whole drama???

Did anyone else wonder why Habaek has to give his last remaining power to Soah just so she could meet her father? In the morning, So-ah creeps upstairs to find Ha-baek still sleeping. Hyung-shik apologizes shyly for not visiting more often, admitting that So-ah scares her, ha.

What a horrible ending. It’s disappointing that this drama was disappointing since that same writer not only wrote Arang, but also Misaeng. Though I did wish he had some more power so that money would not be an issue in their life together Why cenfury his life for her to be happy when she cdntury is going to be sad that your not in her life.


Part of me wonders how come So-ah couldn’t have wished to be able to live with hm forever in the Water Kingdom.

Bride of the Water God Episode 16 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Rachel August 23, at 8: I spent most of the drama rooting for Shin Hoo Ye. I was planning to read it, but if it’s going to end like this I am deleting it from my hard drive. He never takes his eyes off of her, until Namsuri finds him the next morning and calls him up to the roof. The rest of the episodes would probably be worth watching if that were the finale.

Well honestly I thought NJH did a really good job! Whats up with dramas like Habaek and Legend of the Sea?

I think I am feeling the same way lollypip, in that I am not so disappointed in how awful the drama is, rather than I am most disappointed in what it could have been, because we had so many wonderful glimpses into the more meaty storylines, just that it was not executed correctly. Dunno, it seems like such an easy, unsatisfying ending.

Brkde many questions left unanswered like why Habaek lost his power to snopsis withor left hanging like the Nakbin story-line. When they were both in the river, the long shots have them swimming down and sideways, which makes sense, but the closeups have them swimming up you can tell from the bubbles.

I thought Habaek doesn’t have any powers in the first centiry. No idea how the author of this recap consideres the finale one of the better episodes of this series.

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