I know when we started to notice that the plot was no longer tight and the villain no longer that compelling and how motives became more and more inexplicable. The surprise is she probably has him at an advantage because Mi-Yeon know how diabolical he can be but Seok-hoon has no idea how far Mi-Yeon will go to get or keep what she wants. Camille W August 3, at 9: So how many ppl does SH plan on killing when they come forward to voice their suspicion? So she does not dare to risk it even if he does not appear to be doing his part of the deal. Min Woo is really one sexy guy and he keeps talking about his feelings Really love this series. I also love her contrast with SH too.

And, was i the only one expecting more skinship between Min Woo and Ji Sook? Ia bersikap seperti ini karena kisah hidupnya yang pilu dan perlakuan kasar ayahnya sehingga menutup diri dari orang lain. But then how does SH get wind so quickly of MW’s finding out about the pills given to him being bogus? This writer’s work is so addictive, indeed! Kisah dari film ini menunjukan tentang kisah cinta segi empat yang terjadi pada empat orang yaitu Dimas, Raina, Toby dan Gweny. He said that he would go see MY soon or something to that effect. It should be a while b4 MW can find a way to get her out of her entanglement. Can someone tell me the name of the piano piece played by Ji Sook?

Sinopsis Ruler – Master of the Mask Episode 1-40 (Lengkap)

winopsi I think it would work better if, like Seok-Hoon, I could see the difference between when he’s wearing it and when his emotions are real. He didn’t look one bit happy holding that baby dress.


That last scene with SH, when she begs him to tell her even if it is a lie that he loves her, was done in koea a moving way. The director might be contributing something to this poor characterization, but a seasoned actress knows what to do with her eyes to belie her body language so that the audience picks up on nuance. For a first comment, your comment really is perfect!

In a sense they really do match eachother. I agree w fishfingers. But I did feel sorry for SH. But she doesn’t want to hurt MW. Your comments about the shortcoming are totally spot on, too.

It’s scary to think what that guy is capable of. Growingbeautifully They’re just so dysfunctional that I don’t even know anymore.

Koreea recently, when he feels that Jisook wears the mask as similar to him, the sense having companion in his loneliness storm just making him more attracted to Jisook.

Unless it’s Won Bin asking for major revising on scenarios a. Why no one ever ask why they look so similar? Didn’t MW see Jung Tae calling after his wife, being all “aww come on, don’t be be like that, let’s resume our relationship!

And then when he goes for a drive with Chang Soo, he vents abt hw annoying her behavior makes him. MY mwsk the killer damn!!!!

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I’m also not annoyed at all with over-the-top PPL because the writer could write them into the story creatively. Mariah June 23, at 3: He finds a safer spot and leaves her a voicemail, asking if she remembers the toy gun he took to rob the bank.

A remarkable person can rise above good and evil. It can be gumihos, vampires, time-travel, fairies, whatever, and I love such fantasies btw, but you can’t have the audience going, Come on, why would s he do such a thing? He comes and goes to that bedroon furiously without being able to sleep.


SINOPSIS Ruler Master of the Mask Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

If he hasn’t delivered on either front, then why is she honouring her end of the deal? The way I see it, Ji sook is a character that has no idea how to hold her head up high as Seo Eun ha because in her heart she can’t completely let go of her belief in living a truthful life, even as she’s already living a lie.

I hope we are given the reasons why things are so convoluted. Pemain dari Magic Hour He also remembered that she said she is Eun Ha. JCW June 21, at 4: I think Min-woo won’t let her go and will search until he finds her and the switch is revealed.

If the writer and the PD have a certain point of view artistically speaking, it’s impossible for any actor to overcome that hurdle. And how cute and adorable was JJH baby-talking to that little girl, and him kissing her? Drama ini rilis pada 24 Oktober lalu.

Just seeing MW and JS totally in to each other makes my stress from studying go away: Whatever works for you Scar, and whatever helps you pay the bills:

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