Tyler Frazier Richard Rupp If a product does not meet your expectations, return it to us within 30 days Satisfaction Guaranteed. James Stafford Jack Buttram This movie captures the warmth and compassion of a man whose soul was on fire for the Lord. Betsy Cosmos – Inspiring! Send a rattlesnake to bite Bill, and one to bite John, and send a great big one to bite the old man. Carr believed Zwecker was a “withdrawn, complicated, and perhaps deeply unhappy person” but that Sheffey loved her “very deeply.

According to an expert in the folklore of itinerant Methodist preachers, there are “at least twenty-five accounts of how Sheffey’s prayers led to the immediate destruction of whiskey stills and distilleries,” many apparently versions of the same episode. A county historian repeated one of these stories, noting that Sheffey had “asked the Lord to destroy Harmon’s [still] by letting a tree fall on it,” and a dead tree struck by lightning fell on it, setting it afire. Search for ” Sheffey ” on Amazon. Trivia “Sheffey” is very loosely based on a biography written by Jess Carr in the s called, “The Saint of the Wilderness: A man of prayer, tireless service, and great compassion, “Brother Sheffey” rides through the Appalachian Mountains spreading the gospel. A dramatization of the life and works of 19th-century Christian evangelist, preacher, and circuit rider Robert Sayers Sheffey who ministered to the mountain folk of the central Appalachian region.

He was as solicitous of the welfare of men as of animals. He is not identified as a Methodist in the film, but was aligned with the Methodist church. Although he suffers the loss of his two greatest treasures in one day, Sheffey still finds forgiveness in his heart for the person who caused his sorrow.


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What’s on Norman’s Watchlist? What a well-done period piece and great acting. Shedd McComb Joy Jordan Aunt Elizabeth Robert Pratt Duke University Press, Having watched it in when it was first released on the big screen, I was again delighted with the quality of cinematography that is common with a productions by Bob Jones University. The acting is first class, the music fits and the editing is superb.

The life and works of 19th-century circuit rider Robert S. He wandered hither and thither over that section attending meetings, holding revivals and living among the people. IvanhoeVirginiaUnited States.

Young Robert Sheffey Harold Kilpatrick Search for ” Sheffey ” on Amazon. I have loved this movie since first seeing it while living in Germany in the ‘s.

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He specifically instructed hosts how to water and feed his horse, and he often dismounted rather than make the horse carry him up a steep grade. The Lord will take care of you.

Robert Sayers Sheffey July 4, — August 30, was a Methodist evangelist and circuit-riding preacher, renowned for his eccentricities and power in prayer, who ministered to, and became part of the folklore of, the Appalachian region of southwest Virginiasouthern West Virginia and eastern Tennessee. Edit Details Official Sites: Description Robert Sheffey was an American circuit-riding preacher of the nineteenth century. The story takes us back to a simple time in America when most of the Appalachian Mountains area needed gospel preachers.


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Louisiana State University Press, They wanted him there to pray and work in the altar. Audible Download Audio Books. InSheffey married Elizabeth Zwecker, and they had six children. Start your free trial.

Subscribe to our weekly email newsletter Be the first to learn of new releases and special sales. He could say the oddest things, hold the most unique interviews with God, break forth in the most unexpected spasms of praise, sheffej the homeliest illustrations, do the funniest things and go through with the most grotesque performances of any man born of woman.

He died at the home of a friend, Aurelius Vest, a farmer, coffin builder, and country undertaker, near White Gate on August 30, Nevertheless, the marriage was a success. You will enjoy the light hearted moments and might even get a lump in your throat during the compassion of the Evangelist.

And then the meeting always broke loose with a floodtide. The film tells the true story of this unusual servant of God, who as a rowdy young man followed his friends to a revival meeting and there found the Lord.

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