Yuvi is busy preparing his victory speech. Tia is very upset with Ashi as she thinks that Ashi has invited all the teachers to their party without even informing her. The boys find a letter addressed to Yashwant Dev in Mitra’s book. Yuvi , ranvir and sid almost bump into Mitra in the corridor. Ashi is taken aback by the harsh reality of life and the realization dawns on her! Secretly she is happy since now she can be with Ranveer Episode – Aug 22, Ranveer succeeds in solving Pri’s problem by helping out Tia. Episode – Dec 29, Tia calls up Sumeet and tells him about her plans for the fashion show while Ranveer tells him about Ashi missing her mom. Tia confronts Ranveer but is very upset when he says that he had actually not answered the guys.

Tia succeeds in getting Mitra’s approval for hosting this show. Retrieved January 17, Arjun is about to slap her, but Ranveer who comes there to talk to Tia, stops him. Episode – Oct 3, Tia tells Meher that Sumeet will definitely not come to see her show. This page was last edited on 26 February , at Arjun leaves for Sanganer to unearth Ranveer’s real story.

Episode – Mar 22, Tia is suspicious seeing the bag but Raghu tells her that it is time she needs to stand by Ranveer and support him rather than suspect him. Episode – Sep 5, Ranveer finds out that Tia was only pretending to be drunk, the previous night and his meeting with her then, was a set up.

Renewed for final season [5]. Ranveer receives the letter and asks Starrone about it and she denies having sent it. Aditya speaks to Ashi about Malvika and convinces her into believing that there is nothing between them, although they stay together.


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Skream featuring Sam Frank. September 13, Label: Episode – Jan 23, The kids are shown staying in each others dorms. Yogi featuring Pusha T. Retrieved December 24, Sara Elizabeth Mitchell[1] born July 28,better known by her stage name Sirah [2] is an American hip hop recording artist based in Los Angeles.

Ranveer thanks her for her concern. Arjun dances with Tia and Ranveer dances with Pri. Meanwhile, preparations for the birthday party remi on full swing and everybody is very excited.

Shy hits Tia with water balloons on her head and the two girls get into a cat fight.

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A History of Radness []. Episode – Mar 29, The raffle ends and just then, a team of cops enter into the hall. Later, she tells Aditya about Yuvi’s proposal. Tia nurses Ranveer with obvious care and love. Episode – May 22, Shy gets jealous seeing Yuvi and Ashi together in the playroom.

remmix Episode – Apr 10, Yashwant Dev comes to college and congratulates his son on winning the elections. May 31, [36]. Yashwant Dev comes to college and he too blasts his son for his misbehavior. Member feedback about Oliver Tree: He calls Yashwant Dev who is very angry with Yuvi and slaps him in front of Ashi. Tia is very upset on hearing this. Episode – Oct 20, Ranveer tries talking to Tia, but in vain.

Harmony with A R Rahman [49]. Yuvi holds a party in his room to celebrate his victory at the elections. Vishal comes to their rescue and gives them a medicine to get over their hangover.


Sumeet tells his lawyer that needs Sonia needs to be out of his campaign at any cost. The kids are back in Maurya High.

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Ashi discusses the same with Tia and Tia tells Ashi that she would take the responsibility of convincing everyone and that they would all get together to help Sonia. Tia receives a bouquet of episoed and wonders who must have sent it to her. But the happiness is short lived! Yashwant dev forces Yuvi to accompany him for a meeting, thereby ruining Yuvi’s plan of going out on a date with Ashi.

Retrieved July 21, Yuvi realizes his mistakes and feels bad for what he did. Retrieved September 9, Sumeet decides to pay for Ranveer’s scholarship and offers him to rent a house for him and his family to live in. Jumbo is shocked to see all this happening in Maurya.

List of original programs distributed by Amazon

Yuvi is obviously shocked to hear all this and just leaves from there. Tia complains about Mitra to Sumeet but he is not ready to believe her. Yuvi tells Ashi that he has planned to throw a party to celebrate their victory at the elections and that he wants the Remix band to perform in it.

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