The Unsub goes after Reid and poisons him. Prologue A obsession to far by Pipzrulestheworld reviews How much will it take for Reid to break. T for language Criminal Minds – Rated: After the Fall by mollrach13 Fandoms: The second time that the knights depart a white horse is among the party, never to be seen later on. JJ gets an opportunity to find out.

Are you the publisher? When Merlin saves a young boy from would-be-kidnappers, he unknowingly starts the course of events that lead him to meet the boy’s father, Arthur, who has played a painful part in changing Merlin’s familiy’s life in the past. Thanks for the discussion thread. They’re random, in all categories and genres, and ranging in size sometimes from words to maybe a couple thousand, who knows. Is it possible he’s a tiger between the sheets? Bookmarked by Mikosaysno kimosumiko 05 Mar Public Bookmark. When Arthur angers the ancient Disir, Merlin must make the hardest decision of his life.

What a great start to the new series! Have fun and enjoy the episode. Spencer suffers from PTSD and has a second, female, medlin working as a hooker. Bookmarked by summer 19 Dec Public Bookmark.

A third challenge, to anoint a high ruler over all Albion – the conclusion of destiny.

Merlin Quotes, Facts & Trivia –

Bookmarked by starsandsolace 08 Nov Public Bookmark. The same happens when Merlin is checking out Mordred’s wound. Merlin Season 5 ficlets by mollrach13 Fandom: Now that his friends think him dead Merlin cannot return to Camelot without Morgana coming after him, so he must find a new way to protect his friend and his prince.


Morgana closes in on Emrys.

Will the team get him out before it’s too late? I love when they bicker like an old married couple. I would do anything to save you.

Find More Posts by you’re my lifeline. Bookmarked by gaybabe 02 Apr Public Bookmark. Reid is haunted by the trauma that he has been through and is trying to get back to the man he used to be, the man he wants to be. I loved the net scene too.

Silent Cries by nebula2 reviews Another night out with a friend, but are his cries for help still not getting through? Katie leaving the BBC Radio 1 studios.

T – English – Family – Chapters: I give him a week before he quits. Someone he hasn’t thought of in twelve long years. Season 5 by harlequin julie Onkine Arthur has angered her by denying the Old Religion, dismissing its faith and persecuting its followers even unto slaughter.

Abuse of the TV.

Watch Merlin S05E02 – Arthur’s Bane (Part 2) Online Full Video

Once they arrive and see all the evidence, Reid comes to the conclusion that they are dealing with an Incubus. A shocking secret comes to light as Emrlin and his fellow subject are tortured.

Omline will protect him? The Red Violin by Sandylee reviews Derek Morgan has always been a ladies’ man who can get anyone he desires. Luckily, Arthur is there to make it all right. The Unsub goes after Reid and poisons him. Team fic but Reid-Centric.


With the team behind him, only time will tell. Fish loving bird by WriterKos reviews Morgan: Reid, the trouble magnet by Laurella reviews “Hotch you are not going to believe this, but Reid was arrested last night. One Safe Place by TheKnittingLady reviews When the world is cold and cruel and lonely, what is the greatest gift the gods can give? The past is coming for both of them and only their connection as brothers will save them.

Knights of the Old Republic: Katie and Richard’s episode airs this Sunday September 30th 10 a. Their only task is to interpret the word of the Triple Goddess and when they sit in judgement their word is final.

Eye of the Hurricane by Luna Argenta reviews As the BAU team deals with a killer who doesn’t seem quite human, Reid must deal with the aftermath of being raped, and sort out his relationship with Hotch. AhmoseInarus beamirang 28 cristina reid

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