Glasnost and Soviet Cinema in Transition pp. Vera lies, saying that she’s gotten pregnant by Sergei, so he obligingly marries her and moves in with her family, which serves only to make matters worse, as Vera’s drunken father Yuri Nazarov ends up stabbing his son-in-law. The film addresses the reality of dysfunctional families, crammed into small apartments, alcoholism, poverty, and young adults confused and rebelling against authority. While waiting out an unexpected delay, he visits his former girlfriend Dina, and discovers she has become a morphine addict. Fed up with the drunken Kolya, Sergei locks him in the bathroom, where Kolya breaks the basin. Her brother has the elevated status of a doctor and lives in Moscow, many miles removed from his humble beginnings; her devoted boyfriend Andrei pursues Vera tirelessly and offers her secure social status through traditional marriage, which she rejects. Don’t have an account? And big late love.

The title in Russian is ambiguous and can also mean “Little Faith ,” symbolizing the characters’ lack of hope or a glimmer thereof. Since the campaigns for the emancipation of women in the s, gender equality was postulated as a given in the Soviet society. Soviet Cinema in Our Time p. She visits him in the hospital and explains that the family needed Kolya to survive. Vera testifies that her father was not to blame for what happened to Sergei. Other articles you might like: A storm suddenly comes up, and as the family prepares to leave, Vera is nowhere to be found. Little Vera Promotional film poster.

Tearing down the facade of socialist realism, the film portrays honestly a provincial Russian family supported by an alcoholic father, their meaningless works, and the aimless youth around them. Vera, a recent high school graduate, lives with her parents and works as a telephone operator. The cinema could capture life and project it on maleniaya screen, giving audiences a Lilliputian view of themselves.


She lives in a very maleenkaya Russian apartment with her mother and father, however being this close to each other makes the living get rough. Little Vera shocked the Soviets with its depiction of an ordinary Russian family in a dull industrial town.

Glasnost allowed filmmakers to take new liberties with an audience primed for uncharted material. Sovexportfilm poster for Little Vera.

Man With a Plan. The film frankly takes side with malenkaja youth against the authority, depicting the police as repressive and uncaring of the fate of the people. As Herbert Eagle observed in Wide Anglemany viewers of this bold work objected to its casual portrayal of sexuality, the crass and hostile behavior of some characters, and its focus on the dismal features of modern Soviet life.

Little Vera

On Disc at Amazon. Beumers, Birgit, editor, Russia on Reels: An engineer in charge of the production line of a factory in Moscow is sent to a small town to try to specify the distributor the new dimensions of a malen,aya part they need.

A subplot involves Andrey, a former classmate of Vera, who is infatuated with her and wants her to marry him.

Just as Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring had accompanied the beginning of the 20th century with atonality and discordance in contrast to the tradition of tonality and comfortable, predictable melodic forms, Little Vera marked the movif of Socialist Realism, which depicted reality according to the dictums of the Communist Party, in Soviet film.

Persuaded to lie malebkaya the incident to keep her father out of jail, Vera takes her family’s side. Our favorite trailers of the week include another round of “Let it Go” and a talking Pokemon. Audible Download Audio Books.

Alexandr Alekseev-Negreba as Viktor. Under Stalin these aims were further refined in Socialist Realism, which promptly strangled Soviet cinema.

Edit Cast Credited cast: The Cold Summer of Moovie he is let out of the bathroom, he stabs Sergei in the side with a knife, the wound requiring a long convalescence in the hospital. It can be considered a clear example of Gorbachev’s glasnost new openness policy by marking a pivotal point at which the cinema defied Communist Party values and objectives, reflexively examining and criticizing the social and economic conditions arrived at in the late 20th century by communism.


His constant reading becomes a bone of contention with his proletarian future in-laws.

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Their daily life is plagued with massive amounts of alcohol mainly vodka and when she tries to escape her home life, she meets up with a boyfriend, Sergei who then moves into her already small apartment after sleeping with her.

Their daily life is plagued with massive amounts of alcohol mainly vodka and vsra she tries to escape her home life, she meets up with a boyfriend, Veta who then moves into her already small apartment after sleeping with her.

The officers drink and debauch, while the soldiers It is assumed that he dies. Yuri Nazarov as Father. The good weekend film: Kolya is an unsuccessful and nondomineering father figure. This portrayal is credited with being representative of the Soviet population at the time, as Natalya Negoda said in an interview [24]”If the movie weren’t so true, it wouldn’t be so popular. The girls feverishly start preparing for the event, which Is It Easy to be Young?

At the same time, they lost faith in themselves, in their sense of life”. She lives in a very small Russian apartment Type the code shown: Despite this initial success, the film’s popularity was short-lived.

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