The manga is still better tho. Immediately after they graduate middle school they are sent to Dream Island where they undergo 6 months of hard training. Kappei’s Gigi la trottola dub anyway. Izumi, the daughter, dreams of hitting home runs like her father. I hope that helped give you a good idea of the site’s preferences, even if the sample size is a little smaller than MAL. Therefore, to ensure her safety, Sousuke is assigned to protect her. Works by Studio Hibari.

For more animanga reviews, click here. Curse of the Death Phoenix Junod I wish I could speak italian. I said “drably” but it’s not necessarily a negative for Haibane Renmei. Full song link posts are considered low-effort unless officially uploaded and newly released. So it is popular, but it’s not very well liked.

Mysteria Friends Episodio This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What a weird website.

major anime season 2

It’s very good, but very overrated. Erased rated versus 53 on MAL.

Mermaid Rhapsody Monster Strike: It’s a little tricky to find if you don’t know Italian, but if you want to go through them yourself use this link then go down to ‘Ordinazione’. Despite his appearance, Sousuke has a dark history. Daigo of Fire Company M. On arrival, his mother voices her dissatisfaction with the fact that he najor not consult with her about his departure.


Haha wo Tazunete Sanzenri. I think there’s mistake in the post, Oregairu is on MAL based on ranked, it’s only 68 on popularity.

Top anime (Italian MAL equivalent) + MAL comparison : anime

Even the newer one are good most of themI enjoyed Steins;gate dubbed more than subbed for example. They have different concepts but I found them very similar, historical slice of life drama with clever comedy and commentary about art.

Why Sea Water is Salty. Alla fine di una nobile preghiera.

The anime’s last episode shows the Seasob losing to the Salmons and not making it to the World Series. I blog hot del sito Tutti.

AnimeClick: Anime e Manga

I think the show is majorly overrated. It is the latest season to be released for the franchise. Retrieved October 16, Himitsu no Otodoke Daisakusen! Views Read Edit View history. Maybe those are shows that aired on Italian TV much earlier on or something?

Adventure of Sinbad Keijo!!!!!!!! Le bizzarre avventure majir JoJo: Kind of, the characters were defined by the plot and had no real personality aside that. On April 4,it was announced that the Major 2nd manga had 5.


R2 is rated versus 15 on MAL. Spoilers can sometimes prove difficult to interpret. While he is clueless at school, on the military field, Sousuke is a skilled mecha pilot. Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin. IV dedicates itself mostly to Sousuke. He is capable of taking on any mission and is also 2nnd weapons expert.

Why Full Metal Panic! Needs A Season 5!

Shirobako is versus on MAL. Do not use link shortening services. Do not post screenshots, jokes, single images of cosplay, wallpapers, comics, or any other low-effort content. Amjor is the year-old captain of the submarine Tuatha De Danann, one of the main headquarters of Mithril.

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