I am confused by Smokey’s ability to be in two places at once – perhaps this is part of the bilocation abilities that the late Bea Klugh suspected that Walt had? The thing that Floke likes children is not an indication that Flocke would have come in the world as a child. Greatest Episodes on Lost. Let’s not forget about Miles’ gift of hearing dead people. Maybe the writers are hinting that both MIB and Jacob can and will use the same means — and thus maybe it is entirely possible even symmetrical that Isabella at the end was being played by Jacob. As our own Eric Henderson put it in his prediction:

He was a foil for power-hungry Ben, and might be able to taunt Ben into harming Jacob. I don’t think this person has to be dead either. After the “submarine” comment by Sawyer last week I think he and Kate are probably not going to survive until the end of the show. I guess it’s still not out of the question, but I was more convinced by this episode that they weren’t. Wow, already falling behind on the comments, and I already have additional ideas that I didn’t get to in the blog! Add there now the parallel universe whereas different choices in different worlds or even just circumstances leads to different outcomes and voila. Mike, amazing recap as always love the screen caps! Or could he already be on The Island?

Jacob also has the ability to control the ocean surrounding the island — he conjured eaterno the storm and the wave to bring av Black Rock to the Island. Share Tweet Lost Recap: There is a tsunami and the ship knocks in the statue in the island and stops in the woods.

Every page view goes towards me getting a small contribution for my blogging efforts. Interesting thoughts on Sayid and Ricardo and the knife thing as well.


LOST Recap – “Ab Aeterno” – Season 6, Episode 9 | The Mary Sue

Audible Download Audio Books. La La Land 6. This is an island which it has inhabitants from multiple plane crashes that get up and walk around with barely a scratch. Richard takes this news poorly and accidently kills the doctor during a struggle for the medicine.

So if they haven’t let it go I think the black rock was purely intentional and am going with Darlton on the fact that the ship in the season 5 finale was the Black Rock!

I think Jacob’s process of datch candidates and “pushing them” to the Island is different than him interfering once they are on the island. Maybe focus on questions that are likely to be answered before the season concludes?

Retrieved from ” https: But like I said it’s probably a safe bet it’s right! I didn’t even have time to touch on it too much in the blog. I had to pause on just the right spot to see it people watcy HD TVs might be able to see it better.

But Now I just don’t know because Smokey is trapped on the Island. I listened to that part several times. For qeterno questioning how a boat going to the New World from the Canaries could end up in the Pacific, there was no Panama Canal in And one might argue Despite Alpert being the centric character, centric flashbacks are also shown for Ilana Verdansky and The Man in Black furthermore, Jacob plays large roles in all three characters’ backstories.

She wasn’t healing before that! And then, Nestor Carbonell was snatched up by another show in season Yeah, Stedman, I’ve been meaning to bring that up.

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I think that the water in the temple turned dark because Jacob was dead indeed. My only complain would be that it didn’t last long enough. And 85 posts already, just 7 hours or so after your recap! There were woods along a section of Black Rock Road in Germantown where they would go hang out. Can anyone clear up that conversation? Definitely will not be able to address them all. But yeah, I think he may have semi changed his mind after talking to Richard.


Though famous for being a filmmaker and co-creator of the TV series Twin PeaksDavid Lynch works in many other mediums, including music, sculpture, photography, furniture-making, and painting, the last of which is the wellspring of his creativity. He was also said to call on suitable gods and goddesses required for protecting people in situation, effectively having a more distant role, nudging things along, rather than taking an active part.

Of course, then why could Ben see her? Jacob touched John and let’s say he was dead – who wouldn’t falling from that height? English Spanish Latin Russian.

Ahhh I just read your 2nd paragraph where you said the same thing lol Good questions on getting to the island by accident and Henry Gale But – to be honest this has been a bad day at work so maybe I’m just not feeling it right now I’m hoping all this hell stuff is not true as promised by Darlton and that it’s just Ricardo’s primitive view and the only way he can see it.

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