Parents plural, or just one really nosy, loud one? Definitely, I completely agree. Just like what JB said, It’s just too real. Ahn Hye Kyung Supporting Cast. As long there’s something, it’s fine but if they got rid of the whole romance, I’d be a little upset because I think it’s something nice in Nam Soon’s life. At school, in a brief moment of distraction Teacher Yoo turns her back on her books and an opportunistic student swipes the USB flash drive from her laptop.

This show has me hooked. People make mistakes, act in the heat of the moment, regret it later all the time. I want to know why he is the way is and what’s up with that hyungnim? I feel like they could’ve chosen a better actress than Park Se Young though. I hope that Namsoo and Heungsoo are able to mend their friendship. I know that even with having arguments and fights, sometimes some people are able to make it up to one another if they truly were friends before. I think so, too. Lee Yun Kyung Supporting Cast.

Laeah December 18, at Up 1, this week.

Since he is the main lead, he is not going to have a peaceful year; so no point wishing him a smooth sailing year. But, I want In-jae and Se-chan kayam becoming a couple, at least toward the end.


It hurts in a good way I’m pretty sure that Nam Soon and Heung Soo’s history is not because of some utterly petty reasons.

Just like what JB said, It’s just too real. Kim Dong Suk Supporting Cast.

He starts in on the nagging, since that appears to be the safest way of denying actual concern, ha. I saw epiosde in King of Drama too and new he was for the chop in that series beacuse he was in this one.

Lee Han Wi Supporting Cast. Glad to see it’s not just me who can’t understand the casting of that actress as Ha Kyung. TV School Episode 4.

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She is really a blessing to students who can appreciate her. It spices things up really.

Thinking back to what I’ve done this entire semester as a new teacher, gah! I hope that Namsoo and Heungsoo are able to mend their friendship.

School 2013

In jae left such a huge impression on me in this episode. Because he is jealous of Namsoon? So I hope they are able to at least come to the same level with each other. Log in with Email. So you guys give up.


Can Oscars Avoid a Hostless Disaster? Because Namsoon stood up for others whom he tried to bully? Kim Young Choon Supporting Cast. Her poor hand, too!

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I’ll attest to the fact that dealing with other folks’ troublemaking kids can definitely be a problem. She holds the broom threateningly but drops episide in the end, though she delivers the slaps anyway, hand to hand. Personally, I like the balance between Se-chan and In-jae. Why did Nam-soon leave and become the way he is now? Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Great expectations from this drama Also forgot to mention.

How Much Have You Seen? Kim Na Woon Supporting Cast. Okay, okay, I know my wish list is Namsoon-bias epksode It creates mystery and intrigue around this character.

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