A celebrity karate star, Sloane, joins the dojo but she does not actually like karate. Jerry highly doubts this, but when he is treated like a king, doesn’t protest. Meanwhile, Jack and Taylor fight over the smoothie table which causes Taylor to quit working as Rudy’s juice girl. But Jack discovers that running the dojo is hard work. Views Read Edit View history. Out of anger, Rudy flips Mondo, a professional wrestler and becomes an Internet sensation. Rudy runs into an old rival from his past at a tournament in San Francisco.

Rudy throws himself a birthday party, and an unprepared Jack scrambles for a gift. When they meet each other again after three months, they have all grown apart, and Kim has a boyfriend Brett. After a headmaster sees Jack fighting in a match, he offers him a full scholarship to the world-renowned Otai Academy in Japan. Jason Sehorn as Announcer Guest stars: By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. Olivia Holt as Kim Crawford. Milton brings in his Aunt Jillian to get everyone in shape. Rudy tells the gang the origin story of the Wasabi Code before they part ways.

He says no, but after Kim leaves, he takes out the bracelet and puts it on. United States Copyright Office. Milton and Eddie build their own robot to try episoe destroy the Wasabitron Kim stands up to protect the rodent’s home and at first Jack disagrees with her, but he later helps her protect the rodent. Milton dresses up as spgfall original superhero for a convention but is forced into action when a crisis arises and he’s forced to ditch class.

After getting him fired because Milton asked to see his victory dance, the kids decide to help get him back into wrestling by inadvertently having him wrestle the guy who cost him his title.

Jack, Milton and Rudy discover a gold mine on Rudy’s inherited seemingly worthless piece of land, But fight on who gets most of the gold. Rudy decides to get a job at Reptile World. Jack and Kim the others were watching defeat the ninjas and get Rudy’s job back.

Kickin’ It 3×21 Return Of Spyfall

Jack gets in a fight at school under the influence of Rudy and gets detention. Meanwhile, everyone is excited about the Harlem Globe Trotters coming to school, and the gang tries to find a way to meet with the players.


However, there he comes face to face with his cousin Kai, the only person who has ever beaten Jack. However, in the pilot episode, Wasabi Warriorshe was seen in the high school cafeteria fighting Jack. Ffull celebrity karate star, Sloane, joins the dojo but she does not actually like karate.

Milton is given the responsibility of looking after the Shaolin temple.

Austin North i Ricky Weaver. Skate Rat Full Episode S 2: Retrieved December 8, Unfortunately, Rudy doesn’t recognize his hero and is fired from his job after he accidentally flips Bobby and is fired. Eddie tries to ask Grace out.

Milton falls head over heels for Julie, a girl in his chemistry class so Jack and Kim try to get them together. Jack and Rudy take Izzy to a baseball game, but it becomes chaotic when fans try to chase him when Izzy causes Seaford to lose the chance of becoming World Champion. The meeting turns into a fight when Tootsie eats Rudy’s fake mustache, revealing his identity. But when Jack suspects that Brody is from the Black Dragons, the gang springs into action to tell Kim the truth.

Spyyfall of the Bronx. Jack re-joins to help them win a martial arts tournament. Meanwhile, Jerry and Eddie vie to be the best rappers. Meanwhile Jerry is trying to help Joan get her job back as the mall security guard. Psyfall, Jack and Milton have a speed walking race at the park. However, when he meets an unexpected opponent Troy Romzek with ties to his past, Jack ends up in epiaode heart-stopping battle to prove himself as a karate champion.

Jason Sehorn as Announcer.

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Meanwhile Rudy and Jack teach inmates how to meditate. Meanwhile, Jack and Kim teach Rudy to skateboard. When Jack and Jerry learn that Milton is a talented magician, they use his skills to make money as entertainment at birthday parties.


But, when Eddie accidentally wins the contest, he is faced with the fact that they are not related. Olivia Holt as Olivia Holt. Clash of the Titans”. To try and be a better influence on those around him, Rudy tries to apologize to the wrestler, but finds the task more difficult then he imagined.


Kickin’ It

Kim competes in the Seaford Go-Kart race. When they meet each other again after three months, they have all grown apart, and Kim has a boyfriend Brett. Troy Romzek as Kai.

Archived from the original on November 5, Carson, an old friend of the gang and Rudy’s former star student, returns to Seaford for a visit. But after thinking of all the things Milton has done for them, they decide to join him and show up just in time to help him kcikin the Dark Knights and win the game.

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Kim eventually realizes what a jerk Ricky is and apologizes to Jack. Meanwhile, Lonnie gives Jerry and Eddie a prize lizard, telling them kicin take extra care of it. Despite the gang’s attempts at getting it back, it’s not until he looks at Kim before he breaks the record that it returns. The boys take care of the Principal’s baby, but he crawls away, making Jerry and Jack scramble to find him. Gabby Douglas as Herself. They decide not to tell anyone, but when Kim lies to Jerry fuol Jack lies to Milton, problems arrive which results to both missing their date.

Problems rise when detention lands on the same day as the big tournament his family is planning to attend, so Milton disguises himself as Jerry so he can compete. Later in the episode Jack asks Kim to dance after she rejects the prince’s offer to be his princess.

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