Keroro decides to start the Peokoponian invasion by conquering the sea and the Hinatas tag along. He makes hurtful jokes at all of Tamama’s friends, and they all soon get revenge. Keroro and Fuyuki spend an afternoon at Grandma’s house. Keroro is given his own room in the basement of the Hinata family house, which he refurnishes and uses as a base, not realizing that the room is haunted by a ghost. This new series has exceeded my personal expectations so far by the way! Get this episode on nyaa! The only new Yo-kai in this episode was Nyanmajo. In part B, The Keroro platoon make a test from the Keron Army, asking for their hobbies, interests, etc.

He and Kururu team up to teach Keroro a lesson, and he experiences a rice grain’s feelings about being uneaten after trying so hard to grow up into healthy rice. The Hinatas visit Grandma in her house at the mountain and the Platoon tag along. However, there is a time limit to change her back or she’ll remain young again and Aki escaped to Fuyuki’s school to pass the day. In part A, Keroro directs a movie wherein he battles Nyororo using a robotic counterpart. Keroro and Natsumi get into a heated debate over a very small problem. Are they trying to tell us something?

Demon Night ” Transcription: She’s already years late however. Keroro accidentally breaks Natsumi’s favorite coffee mug, so he runs away, but later meets Fuyuki, who is on his way to school for a big math test.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It’s up to Keroro to save the show! Seeing Saburo in the audience, she gets too lovesick and makes a fool out of herself. Meanwhile, Natsumi is approached by the popular Saburo who would like to hang out in her house for some reason. Momoka invites Fuyuki to her private island resort for spring break so she can steal her first kiss from Fuyuki. In the end, after passing an afternoon as an unknown human, she realizes that she misses that attention and abandons Keroro leaving him with a huge debt from the concert planning.


A battle between Keronians, humans and Mois starts for the control of the Lucifer Spear that would grant the destruction, conquer or safety of the planet. Blood Violence Death Kill! Maybe going from Goofball too…Buffball?

The submarine is attacked by the Nantoma, a race that inhabits the bottom of the sea. The cat outside gets a hold of the gun that turns animals into humans in oder to say something.

Her name is apparently the same in the other European languages. After training with Keroro and a few other aliens, Natsumi is ready to take on the part of Wendy. Frog episodes season 1. This song has probably been referenced in numerous other anime as well, but the only other one I know of is a line the same line that Komasan references, in fact in the last opening of Keroro Gunso.

In part A, Keroro perfects his shoulder massaging technique in order to gain Aki’s appreciation and pay. Traditional leis were also made of more than just flowers, gunsp materials such as leaves, shells, nuts, and feathers, among others.

Shin Hissatsu Waza de Arimasu ” Japanese: InFunimation Entertainment released the first English dubbed version of the anime which has spanned a total of six 12 to episode DVD sets, with the first four sets later released in two larger 25 to episode box sets. Life on the Streets. Otona no Jikan ” Japanese: However, Keroro has other plans for the group.

Noroinohanako Subs

Keroro remembers yet again that he should be invading Pekopon so he convinces the Hinatas to do something outdoors while he and his platoon work in constructing a secret base.

Giroro trains the brother while Keroro, Tamama and Mois search for the kids’ target. Keroro and Fuyuki spend an afternoon at Grandma’s house.

I was hoping to find a higher quality video source before I do a re-master of my subs for YWM3. The Keroro platoon is inspired to create a video game after noticing how addicting games can be for humans.


And of course, anaconda. In part B, the platoon take a look through Mois’ diary to reflect on their past endeavors. In part A, Fuyuki’s dream of Keroro successfully invading seems to come true as the platoon begin to act with uncharacteristic determination. Tourists who visit the shrine have emglish tendency to stick coins in between its wethered cracks for good luck, which is actually damaging to the structure and pretty disrespectful.

Saraba Pekopon yo de Arimasu ” Japanese: Then another Mois walks into the scene. Thanks for your interest. Momoka’s New Year’s fortune inspires her to hold a hanetsuki tournament to impress Fuyuki.

Fuyuki accidentally gets knocked out of the dpisode, and is seen in his underwear by all the girls on the school. Shukumei no Taiketsu de Arimasu ” Japanese: But when she passes through a girl called Satsuki, she takes control of her body.

Keronian of the Hidden Fortress” Transcription: The Keroro platoon sets out to find a dangerous alien responsible for destroying hundreds of planets so Keroro can gain prizes and recognition.

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Otona no Kaigan Monogatari de Arimasu ” Japanese: The three of them are saved by a strange woman that rings a bell. Tamama and Momoko devise a plan to get Fuyuki and Momoka closer together. To The Death ” Transcription: A mishap with Kururu’s latest inventions splits Giroro into seven parts of his personality.

At the end, Dororo realizes how painful was to remember his box and refuses to join them again. Keroropan de Arimasu ” Japanese: The Extraordinarily Talented Dopamine” Transcription: Good Momoka realizes that she needs her bad side back and only synchronized swimming will combine them back.

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