Sahir shows her bangle and says you forgot. I will tell entire truth to Arzoo now itself. Kurti Apa and Anam get shocked. She reminds her that it is her house and she cares for her house. She asks will I be able to fulfill the relation with this house? Arzoo asks why he will do this. He tells Zaki that he will marry Arzoo to stop him.

You needs a psychiatrist. Anam says it is just nonsense. She thinks at one side is Sahir and one side is Zaki, who said that everything is a lie. Naina 26th Dec – Sahir asks Arzoo to look in his eyes and know. Kashish 27th Dec – Arzoo tells him that she is very happy today.

They have an eye lock. Zaki tells her that Samaira is lying and he will never marry her. Zaki says you loves Arzoo and have to do something to save her from Sahir. Kurti Apa asks Ashrafi to keep quiet and says she is very clever. Arzoo goes to Sahir.

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Alvira says what do you wants from your life. Arzoo questions Sahir about his love and asks him to answer. Zaki takes her to a side and says he needs to talk. Ashrafi shouts epiwode thief. Alvira stops Zaki from following Arzoo and tells Sahir that she is very happy with his right decision. Why Sahir is hurrying up for marriage? Welcome, Login to your account.


Zaki stops seeing Sahir. Naina 26th Dec – Kurti Apa says you are not looking at the loss which is far. Sahir loves me really. She says love teaches how to fly. She says I will wait for you and leaves. He asks Arzoo Nausheen Khan, will you marry me? Zaki may become VP to prove himself infront of Arzoo.

Whatever you are feeling……. Sahir gets close to her while holding her hand. Arzoo goes to her room and smiles happily. Like 0 Dislike 0. Will you marry me? Why he feels that she is his destiny. He can do only business and not love. He thinks is this a lie.

Am I just pretending to love her or love her truly. He gets up and holds her hand. He says his mind knows that it is just a game, then why heart is thinking it as truth. It is sad that you will break her heart.


Arzoo asks those three words…. He asks what you are doing and what do you wants to prove.

The episode starts with servant asking Arzoo about the parathas which he made and asks is this enough. Arzoo says no, she will make food for Sahir episkde. Anyways thanks for the update hasan.

Whatever you are thinking as love is just a lie. She looks at herself in the mirror and blushes. Zaki says Sahir chaudhary. Sahir asks can you trust me now?

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She will make the brothers fight and become enemies. Sahir is not giving her chance to even take a breath. Hassan 25th Dec – Sahir gets up and looks at her. Zaki says he is lying and asks Sahir to tell the truth.

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