Amy is inspired to take her horsemanship to a new level when she works with a professional liberty horse trainer. Ty and Amy each begin to wonder what they are waiting for to get engaged. Amy is angry when Chase comes back and insists on her performing a horse clinic with him. And Tim is forced to come clean about his senior rodeo circuit dreams when he learns that Casey is buying a bulldogging horse for him. He realizes he can’t do it alone, and gets Tim’s help, for a price. Ty returns to Scott’s clinic after finding out his boss was involved in the poaching ring. A storm on the way home sends their truck and trailer off the road and onto a steep hill, crashing into a tree.

Mallory’s horse, Copper, is scared of her because of her “goth” look, so she returns to her normal style by the end of the episode. But Georgie forms a strong bond with the young Hutterite daughter who turns out to be the key to unraveling the mystery. Ty gets back on his bike and Caleb returns. Lou gets a job as a waitress to prove she has no opportunity to use her skills if Jack won’t let anything change at the ranch. Tim convinces the family that they need to take the law into their own hands. Hanley’s previous warning that the loft is strictly off-limits. Jack returns from his trip to Arizona to find that Tim has made drastic changes to Heartland. Ty develops a high fever, but no one else can reach the fishing cabin because the highway is closed.

Ty and Amy start play-fighting and almost kiss. Kit and Ty sort out their lingering break-up issues while Ty comforts Kit, who is visibly upset. She later tells Ty, who forgives her, but punches Chase when he next sees him. Lisa tells Jack that she loves him, and they kiss too. One of these recordings is presented on the heartoand, causing Heartland to become famous overnight.


Amy and Ty help Scott’s nephew realize he is worthy of continuing his family tradition of relay racing.

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Peter and Lou are looking for a new home and find the perfect place, but things don’t go according to plan. Caleb returns and so does Nicole, Lou’s friend. Unfortunately, this means that Lisa cannot sell her as a show horse. Jack enlists Georgie’s help to turn Jade into a ranch o. Tim buys the racehorse from Lisa that she has given up on.

After Peter comes to Lou’s defense following unwanted advances from Richard, Lou must defuse a threatened lawsuit from the unscrupulous businessman. To prove Jeremy was responsible for Buckingham’s death, Ty searches for evidence.

Amy takes them back to the dude seasson so that she can watch them and there will be enough room for everyone, then sits outside with Ty by the fire as Mallory and Tara have a pillow fight.

Amy suggests looking at rescue horses, and Scott helps Lou choose gentle, reliable horses for the dude ranch. As time goes by, Val eventually gives Amy’s methods a huanting and jumps a series of training fences.

Set against the stunning vistas of the Alberta Rocky Mountains, Heartland is a sprawling family drama that follows sisters Amy and Lou Fleming and their grandfather, Jack, through the highs and lows of life on a horse ranch.

The Haunting of Hanley Barn

Then, while celebrating their first big sale, Ty tells Caleb that he wants to pull out of their business partnership, which results in Caleb forging an unlikely ov. Tim wants a paycheque and grazing fees, meaning the herd of cattle might not be much of a return of the loan. Amy and Ty’s dream ranch is back on the market.


Georgie runs away from Heartland to Lou and Peter’s house, and it catches hauntihg fire. Georgie is enthralled when she sees one of Amy’s clients trick riding, and she’s determined to pursue it despite Lou’s hauntibg.

In the meantime, Lou is still seeing Mark, and enjoying it, even making him a mixed CD of police-related songs whether by theme or artists’ name. Lou leaves for New York. Ty and Amy find a calf in the woods which leads them to Tim’s stolen cattle.

Ty finally tells Amy his feelings for her.

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After Charlie has again ache, Alan decides to take him to the Hospital. Jack and Caleb try to appease Lou by fitting a water system for the horses, but things don’t quite go to plan. When the rain finally comes and cools off the heat, they go outside and kiss, but Ty breaks it off, worrying he is like his dad and saying he doesn’t want to hurt Amy. Ty reconsiders going to Montana with Caleb, leaving Caleb preparing to leave on his own.

Ty is about to spend his last day at Heartland before leaving for vet school, and Amy wants quality time with her boyfriend. The whole family is sleep heaftland from the new baby.

Heartland, Season 3

Val tells Ashley that she sponsored Caleb, which causes Ashley to become upset hanlsy her mom and Caleb. Amy and Ty celebrate his birthday in the loft trying to eat Amy’s attempt at a birthday cake.

Amy and Ty discover that Mr.

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