Luisa stays with her family. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Mimi is disappointed but Menang tells her that she will make the marriage fail after she wins the election. Carding tries to convince Luisa to go back to the mansion but she refuses and Idad tells him to leave. Carmen asks Luisa why Menang is mad at her and she learns that Luisa is being mistreated. Menang attends Tomas’s funeral but Luisa is angry with her because she blames her for Tomas’s death. Carding introduces Luisa to his friends as “Luisa” and as not his wife, which upsets her. Carding feels guilty about sleeping with Mimi and avoids going home to face Luisa, whom his mother is saying is having an affair Diego, Jojo’s brother.

Carding tries but fails to ignore Luisa based on Mimi’s advice that she will apologize and come back to him. Carding goes to Luisa’s house to beg them to forgive Luisa but he is not welcomed there. Menang tells Idad to tell her daughter to stay away from Carding. Carding is given the news that a letter was sent to Peping Luisa’s youngest brother from the province where Luisa is. Use the HTML below. Luisa goes to her and Carding’s childhood place and cries. Game of Thrones Nine noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros.

Menang comes over and warns her to remember episoce she is a laundrywoman’s daughter. Luisa 88 episodes, TJ Trinidad She leaves him without saying what she feels. Mimi 88 episodes, Totoy also put up a new restaurant in Sta.

Carding and Luisa overhear Mimi telling her friends epieode her plans to manipulate them. Luisa is happy that Carding is fine but thinks twice about the promise she made that she will tell Carding that she loves him.

Luisa’s father tries desperately to get another job to no avail. When she rejects him, he attempts to rape her, he goes to jail for his attempt, and then to the hospital when his attempted jailbreak gets him stabbed. He warns her that she should never see Diego again.


Her mother has not episodd her, Carding goes off to Manila for school leaving Luisa in the evil hands of Menang Epksode, and when she finally stands up for herself Carding sees, only for his mother to say that Luisa has been the cruel one. In the end Mimi gets punished for all her misdeeds, Gylong and Carding are reunited, the whole family make peace, and Jojo and Totoy start dating. Kathryn Bernardo Supporting Cast. He asks his mother and she pretends that she will try not to intimidate her anymore and be patient with her.

On the day of Carding and Luisa’s wedding, everyone attends except Idad and Totoy who are guice mad at Luisa. Menang suspects Luisa is talking to a man even though she hasn’t seen who it is. They seek shelter in a cave. Articles lacking sources from October All articles lacking sources. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Menang asks for forgiveness from Luisa and she is even taken in to stay with them.

After they marry life becomes even harder for Luisa. Luisa stays with her family. Both Carding and Luisa are happy but know that their mothers will not like the decision. Carding sees Diego talking to Luisa and Saling and later confronts him out of jealousy.

While Carding finally realizes how much he loves Luisa but is ashamed about the way he treated her. Ang Bagong Yugto Angelito: While they try to keep their relationship hidden Luisa’s brother, Totoy, tries to keep his love hidden from tomboy Jojo, because of his family obligations, which will get even harder as Tomas, their father, ghlong secret about his heart condition comes out.

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Menang Carding’s mother wants to sell her jewels. Luisa’s family is mad at Carding. Cookies Websites use cookies that have been placed on this site by its operator: Luisa walks to the bus station where she is attacked on the street.

We need your personal information processed by Google AdSense, Google DoubleClick, and Amazon Associates to personalize ads and, in particular, to ensure that the advertising on our website will be shown primarily to those users who may be interested in advertised content, services and products. Luisa and Menang go to church and where they meet Luisa’s family. Carding goes to Luisa’s house to beg them to forgive Luisa but he is not welcomed there. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel.


As Totoy is with his boss and episoode child in a shopping mall he sees Carding and Mimi flirting. Luisa is left in the province with her grandmother and aunt to study.

Mimi storms into Luisa’s house and tries to kill her[even attempting to stab her with a scissor] Luisa can barely fight back against her due to her pregnancy. Diego becomes close with Luisa’s family and they come to love him.

Idad tells her that she should go back and fix everything since marriage is not an easy road. Carding’s mother hears the news about the ball and tells Carding to consider being with Mimi as her family is richepisoce not Luisa who is a laundrywoman ‘s daughter.

Menang even tells Carding that Luisa is lazy and does nothing around the house. Mimi is jealous and makes it dirty. Diego has feelings for Luisa and she senses that.

Gulong ng palad

Carding feels guilty about going home to his wife. Idad is mad at Luisa for lying to her and being together with Gulojg. Carding comes to visit during the weekend and Luisa tells him she is afraid of his mother.

Mimi she invites Carding to a pretend pool party in order to swim with Carding.

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