Add the first question. While I unabashedly loved everything else, the background music, though beautiful and apt, struck a discordant note with me. More so because most of these serials are so very romantic and soft that I am sure a person like you will always like them. You cannot watch it without crying buckets of tears. Right from the get-go it is clear that Shandana is a highly strung woman. Congrats for the Review of the Day: I still remember your

Patience is a resource which is fast depleting in today’s jet-set world, more so, because of it’s increasing demand in every aspect of human indulgence. She further tells that she had to struggle a lot to gain her acceptance and also the true love of Mansoor, who had earlier neglected her on the words of his mother. In divinity we seek patience. He has completely given up on his married life. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? The picturesque backdrop of Murree in these portions makes the play a visual treat.

Hijacking foiled on Bangladesh-Dubai flight, suspect killed. Subscribe to receive new post. Many of the frames have a dgama like quality with breathtaking scenes of glistening mist caressing lush green locales, dotted with colourful, dew-dropped flowers.

This serial is a total disappointment, hampering the dignity of women One does get wizened by age, doesn’t one? Dur e Shahwar old Seemi Raheel A natural, she was absolutely adorable as the petulant child growing up in a household where adults fight all the time. God is a patient player. My highest praise, though, must go to Sophia — I just loved her! Are the corporate puppeteers, who back Hindu fascism, also prescribing the divisive route that the Congress is taking?

Drama Of The Week : Durr-e-Shahwar

Thanks toothless and anshumanmainiji By: Sami sahib is wise, gentle and very loving. The same with Humsafar, wherein Mahira Khan insists that faith between man and woman is the keystone of any successful marriage. Patience is a resource which is fast depleting in today’s jet-set furr, more so, because of it’s drrama demand in every aspect of human indulgence. Nov 19, With the passage eeview time Shahwar got her place in Mansoor ‘s eye and also his family.


Muhammad Ahmed made this character memorable by breathing life in to it. It has two story lines, of Dur e Shahwar title character and her daughter, Ashar and Khirad are forced to get married due to desperate circumstances. A story about a woman who was wrongfully accused of adultery and her daughter from the second marriage, who later finds the truth about her mother’s past as she herself gets married into the same family. The fact that DeS aired in the same year as Hamsafar made a huge difference of course but even then the actors, the writer and the director deserved more recognition for their work than they got.

Young man confronts his forbidden love and situation changes dramatically as things starts to unfold. Aunn Zara TV Series Needless to say the spectrum of performance of a Sameena or a Saba is oceanic which an infinitely long-drawn Hindi Serial cannot extract from a Sangeeta Ghose or a Supriya Reviiew, however, extraordinarily talented they may refiew, because of the simple fact that for a superlative performance a taut narrative is a definite requirement.

Review: The promising &#;Durre-Shehwar&#; –

The drama shows the trials and tribulations a woman has to go through in order to win the love of her husband.

Upload photo files with. Though Dhoop Chhaon is no more on air, yet given the programming pattern of the channel, am sure it is soon going to be re-telecast. Firstly because it had to one of the most inspiring.

February 26, Literary festivals FOR a country with a literacy rate of only 58pc, Pakistan seems to host an abundance of literary festivals.

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Prime Minister Khan responds to Modi. Thank you for rating this Product.

Excellent entertainment for the entire family. Dramas always portray that women are satisfied with their lives even after all the crap that they have to bear. Am shocked to know the mental setup of shahwarr women When Mansoor gets to know this, he gets angry on Haider. The drama focuses on the importance of being patient through the first few years of marriage and it also shows how important it is to have shaahwar to guide you through difficult times.


If first impressions are anything to go by, Durre-Shehwar appears to be a promising project and one that has the tendency to absorb the viewer into a tranquil fantasy of scintillating emotions.

Will a daughter be able to respect a role-model of a father ever after if she comes to know that he has not been as perfect a husband as she thinks him to be? For that matter, timeliness is the essence in every deal and timelessness a mere myth. Not to be confused with the Turkish Princess, Durru Shehvar. Sanam Baloch as the young Durr-e-Shahwar is a heart ehahwar.

Dur e Shahwar young Saba Faisal One review cannot do justice to this masterpiece. The Shade That Never Was. The way the viewers are transported from present to the past was beyond impressive. When I look around and find people, endowed with it’s opposite, doing far better in life than the ones who have held on to it as dear as life, my uncertainty escalates a thousand fold.

She felt very comfortable with him while talking and telling him about her problems. The background score is played generously especially when the viewers are shown past events.

Pakistan wants to change, says US envoy for religious freedom. It has piqued my interest to watch the serial.

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