Ml raw-edge snap brims. An outsider at odds that. Manitoba, and three brothers, Wrxford fllllr. Smith, Quartermaster-Sergeant and Mrs. THCy downed for an audience that included a. Ln France Beauty Yates Street.

Tlie Maple Leafs’ practice was thoroughly. Harding, Hoy, Baxter, Rote. Iron M tetl RtynoitU Tob. I of green, bloc and fray. Otis costly and unneeded project. These are really new, and come in an intartsting assortment of smart shapes for the matron and the miss! Licence Included f ow H e r a. Arch- bishop of New We stnnn.

James Hood, 10 30 a. Coats in bi-swing style — pleated and fancy backs. Salt water wood not handled by us. It used la belong to an old Spanish famfly named Oandara None pepero them live here now.

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Texas dominated Uie show by con- tributing not only the co-leaders, but also the next tnan to them— open champion Byron Nelson who, as Demaret’s partner for the after- noon, had another 72 and thereby achieved a total. Landis will also speak at the young people’s hour at 1: Prices for short time onh All logs cut last fall. Rbbertson, as admlnis- trstor of the province, ‘and Mrs. Mannlne 18 BBaw fjifl: Royal Oak Canon 0, J. Tliels-iow mark was Valdina Jor, Oes Witeii.


Shore and his little boy, Eddie Shore. S’XKVI All we could do was look after and trap here in the boat. M; wind, W, lo milta: ProHfie goal- scorlnc has given a new lift to war- -llme xcgional competition, and If good weather previtUs club oOdals look for larger attends noe.

Bus wiihi i hu f a block. Penal- ties- None Second Period To the adults he wiU speak Oil “Be t rayal. Saihl John Ttaee u 43 41 26 37 3C 40 Dome East MalarUc Eldorado llaltrtto Guests will be wel- comed by the pre.

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Spot 9d; Mexican Copper, electrolytic. Manitoba, and three brothers, Wrxford fllllr.

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P Smoo Browii Ac Rons. Members of the circle as- I sisted in serving. The Lord’s Supper will be observed. The writer had trone to.

Car- ter, Quebec Street, vheri the mem- bers of her bridge club presented her with an electHc kitchen clock. Ilrcdnes6, lack of sleep, or otlier con- dition. Mayor Andrew McOavln revealed yesterday. No Phone Orderi, Pltmsa.


Pii who wore ‘ ; in the sinkiuB cf the pilot.

BiDgskar raced down the stretch to defeat L.

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