He lived with his cousin doing drugs and alcohol together. His mother half way across the world in the army. It was a little bit humorous but still had a lot of important events that lead up to the main point in the book. I also highly suggest the book to all middle schoolers. Like your body just doesn’t let you. It keeps you in the story for sure. Characterization Lionel was the main character of the book and he changed a lot throughout the book.

His father thinks basketball is a waste of time; his teachers don’t know he can barely read and threaten to fail him; and his dropout friend Jamar wants him to quit school. Walker is the neighbor lady who tell Lionel that he should not drop out of school because he is ruining his life. L is a very good basketball player and has great personality. Also, a younger sister who looks up to lionel. Lionel also has an older brother that is in jail because of his behaviors back then. Lionel thinks that he could make it to the NBA, but he’s not thinking about what would happen if he couldn’t make it.

Lionel played a short quarter of basketball with him, at the end of the quarter there was a total let down between them when Steve found out he lost the quarter, he punched Lionel in his jaw and busted his lip, that’s the summary in chapters 1 and 2.

When ever Lionel does a bad job for schoolwork which is pretty frequentlyhe tells his dad that it would be okay because when he ends up making it into the NBA, he would be rich, and give his dad money. Personal Response I liked the book Schooled.

Then Lionel snuck out of the nurses office to the basketball gym and started to shoot and then the basketball coach came symmary to Lionel and told that he had some mad skill and also told him to show up for basketball try outs the next day. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aug 10, Olatunji Coleman rated it liked it.

She has come to shcooled him to the hospital to see his grandmother.


The Bluford Series – Wikipedia

The only city I could compare Bluford too would be Compton. Nov 22, Lizbeth Flores added it.

No one is ever there for him when he needs advice, therefore he’s been making wrong choices about school. Large school sizes along with gang activity leads me to connect the two cities. Then Jamar said that his roommate was having a party.

Lionel is the main character who is an amazing basketball player who struggles in school. He was scnooled help but didn’t take it, and also his “so called friend” pressure him into coming into his broke down apartment an Summqry read the book Schooled by Pul Langan. He lived with his cousin doing drugs and alcohol together.

He was making smart plays. I like the story line and the way the theme blends with the flow of the story. If he drops out then school wont be a problem. No trivia or quizzes yet. A girl in his class, named Malika, had a crush on him, and he felt the same about her. Lionel wants to drop out of school very badly, but he knows his dad wouldn’t let him or much less want him too, mostly because his dad dropped out of high school as well and knows how hard life will be for Lionel if he does.

He likes to play basketball.

Schooled (Bluford High, #15) by Paul Langan

His aunt tries to stop him, but Lionel has made up his mind. The summarry is basically about a freshman in high school wants to play for the school and he cant because he is ineligible and so on.

His teachers don’t know he can barely read or write and they threaten to fail him. Lucky, his dad saved him or else he won’t have a happy life at the future. Lionel is faced with the fact that he will get held back and will not be able to play basketball if his grades are low.

The Bluford Series

Lionel’s grades start to slip and he is no longer allowed to play basketball. His english teacher tells him that he needs to come in after school so that she can help him finish it. The mani character in this book and I were schooler of the sme in someways, beside the fact that he was kind of dumb, we were the same.


Steve Morris is twice his size. His failing subject is literacy. His dad won’t let him play basketball because of his failing grades. Open Preview See a Problem?

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Jamar said to Lionel that he should drop out of school so they can roll together and Lionel said that he could not drop out of school or his dad would kill him.

Lionel also found out that his family is very important.

Schooled – Chapters 4-6 Summary & Analysis

I really enjoyed this book, and I would recommend it to high school students who are interested in reading sports books. Lionel encountered multiple problems in his life. Lionel ran home and gathered all of his things together.

Sep 10, Peter Nicholson rated bluforf it was amazing. Bluford High 1 – 10 of 21 books. Realistic Bluflrd In the book Schooled, written by Paul Langan, The main character Lionel is trying to follow his dreams of becoming a basketball player.

Lionel stays at blutord house and is involved in a party and he gets into some trouble with some gang members. Thanks for telling us about the problem. This summary was really good and you were really good at not giving away important details.

He also learned that he needs to take school more seriously, because you are only given the chance once. Its your life to live.

I also thought the author could have added more to the story. If they are in high school that’s even better, because this book could possibly motivate them like it did to me.

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