Beside his property is the vast land of Don Florentino and his son Lamberto. Eight years later , a sequel was made that followed the events where Part 1 had left off. He saves the gang leader’s life but instead of thanking him, they tried to kill him. Marissa refuses to recognize her father because of all his shortcomings in the past. Full Cast and Crew. Angered and challenged, he retaliates by working extra hard to solve tough crimes, and in the end proving that his being “probinsyano” is not the gauge to his true worth.

Will he able to resolve everything even if he is an ex-policeman? Yes, the film is one big stupid movie that would make you laugh aloud. Views Read Edit View history. National Artist of the Philippines. Roadrunner Network Annabel W. The masks were obvious as to take note that whenever they talk, their mouths do not move according to speech. Kinanlong siya ng mga mamamayan ng Andalucia at itinuring na kapamilya. Organizers of the nine-day wake claimed numbers as high as two million.

The masks were obvious as to take note that whenever they talk, their mouths do not move according to speech. And when two policemen arrived to look for a certain Del Valle, ke knows his secret will soon be revealed. He, too, is alamt steadfast defender of justice and peace.

Too much injustice and abuse led to the lost of many lives not to mention the paid support of the police authority that drove Mr.

Roadrunner Network Lito Dumale Typical gang whose weapon is a strong camaraderie and friendship- that is the quality of Lo’Waist Gang, not until they were put into test.

Full Cast & Crew

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ngunit ang monasteryong casf kanlungan niya ang magiging daan upang muli niyang tahakin ang landas pabalik sa kanyang nakaraan.

His uncompromising stand wins him admirers, but it also earns him enemies who will stop at nothing just to see him fall. Not until they become heroes that would aid in the victory of the main hero, Lawin, played by Fernando Poe Jr. When Alfredo’s father was killed, the business alamxt haunt him down to get the diamonds he didn’t know existed. His being “promdi” makes him the butt of many humiliating jokes thrown-in by Manila policemen who believe that their being city-bred guarantees their superiority.


In lawij, Poe’s political opponents tried to derail his bid for the Philippine presidency when they sought to disqualify him as an illegitimate son of a non-Filipino mother. Watch our trailer of trailers.

Ang alamat ng lawin Cast Members List – FamousFix

Pou is the original spelling of the family’s surname from his paternal grandfather, playwright Lorenzo Pou, a Catalan migrant from Majorca, Spain, who ventured into mining and business in the Philippines. With a franchise like Panday, one could at least expect an ounce of respect from the man who made it all real on the silver screen.

Recent blog posts more blog posts. Imaginary Friends Studio Florence O. Directed by Efren Reyes. Fernando Poe Jr’s Presidential Candidacy. Full Cast and Crew. Our favorite trailers of the week include another round of “Let it Go” and a talking Pokemon.

Confess your sins, folks!

Cadt the siblings, Don Lucio is very proud of Alfredo but he keeps his identity away from his real family. Lawni comes back to hunt the heinous man. Bautista Ramon Muzones Resil Mojares.

In order to support his family, he dropped out of school. What could be worse than replacing FPJ with some teenybopper who thinks his acting is God’s gift to the Philippines?

Story by Fernando Poe Jr. He saves the gang leader’s life but instead of thanking him, they tried to kill him.

The story evolves as Ramon is attracted by the beauty of Amor whom he encounters on one of his delivery trips. Hernandez Nick Joaquin Carlos P.


Mando is in severe pain and nobody could imagine how worst he is as vast.

Fernando Poe Jr.

But when their paths cross and a misunderstanding errupts, their friendship is put to the test as punches are thrown and bullets fly. He uses the dagger to fight off the evil Kinanlong siya ng mga mamamayan ng Andalucia at itinuring na kapamilya.

Roadrunner Network Rick Hawthorne And this is his story Edit Cast Series cast summary: A family man haunted by his past life tries his best to leave it all behind but after all these years, it catches up to him and ala,at nowhere to go, he fights back to survive.

An unfortunate incident during an operation got him suspended and sent back to Manila.

Poe was also partnered with Anna Marin and had one son, Ronian and with former actress Rowena Moran and had a daughter, Lourdes Virginia. He established FPJ Productions in and later organized other film companies. For other people with the same name, see Fernando Poe disambiguation. The King of Phil movies and the Star for All Seasons team up in this hilarious and heart-warming romatic comedy.

Poe was the son of Filipino actor Fernando Poe Sr. Poe dropped out of college to work in the Philippine film industry as a messenger boy, and was given acting roles in subsequent years.

Vilma is Miling, an old-fashioned probinsiyana who stows away when she learns that her aunt has bethroted her to the richest man in town. Imaginary Friends Studio as Michael Alakat.

His return was a treat as he tried to use his palm as the billiard table and his enemies, the balls.

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