Abu Qalamun ; a kind of variegated Greek fabric. That is, he drew up and signed the bond in my favour. Literally, a hungry canine tooth. For instance, Hamadhani boasts of his ability to employ no less than four hundred artifices in writing and composition, 1 such as the writing of a letter which, if read backwards, fur- nishes the required reply, or an epistle containing no dotted letters, or without using the letters 1 or J , or a letter which if read one way constitutes a eulogy, and, if taken in another, is a satire ; feats which, when they were proposed to Abu Bakr al-Khwarazmi as literary tests, he denounced as the tricks of a juggler. Translated from the Arabic with an introd. Sale, Translation of the Qur’dn, xviii, Then did I take the night as my steed, And I had before me 8 no spare mount, except resolution.

So melt down into an anklet the gold with which thou hast bedecked this sword of thine. We discussed fellowship and the rules we should lay down for it, fraternity and how we should strengthen its bonds, happiness and when we should seek it, drinking and when we should vie with one another therein, sociability and how we should mutually contribute towards it, lost chances and how to recover them, liquor and where we should procure it, and the assembly and how we should arrange it. See Margoliouth, Early Development of Muhammadanism, p. He early developed a talent for satire which cost him his life at the early age of twenty, so that he is generally called the ‘ youth of twenty ‘. The first of them was house furniture and the last a thousand dinars. It will be sufficient to mention three collections of such Epistles: Ye assert, the 1 The asylum: RHYMED PROSE O 0 – Rhymed prose called saj 4 because of its evenness or monotony, or from a fancied resemblance between its rhythm and the cooing of a dove, is a highly artificial style of prose, charac- terized by a kind of rhythm as well as rhyme.

They were rendered active by the intense heat, 8 a tunicwaistcoat or jacket, arabicized from the Persian 4 ministering angels: Literally, form with aarbic. At that point, the Imam faced three choices.

Is there not such-and-such, is there not such-and-such, and so forth until until dawn rises. We will discuss with, thee and profit by that which thou episodw, and do thou question us that thou mayest benefit by what we have. Standing appears to have been not only the natural, but the con- ventional position of the speaker, e. Here poets and orators contested for superi- ority as they were wont to do at the fair of ‘Ukaz, a practice which marr rise to so much literary emulation that the city became famous for its learning.


Of my wealth nought remained but a memory, And so on until to-day. I endeavoured to facilitate his giving, and it was made easy to him. Diminutive of Another reading is dimi- nutive of an ass. Literally became green, both of these and the succeeding expres- wl are figures for the growing of a beard and here, metaphorically, signify it be- came dark.

And let him who is of proud pedigree l and good breeding 2 preserve the remedy. Qrabic com- mentator says it is arabicized from a Sindhi word. The following year he fell for the third time, when it was found that he possessed upwards of a aeabic dinars, and that his landed property produced an annual income of a million dinars.

The maqamat of Hamadhani are, therefore, an excellent introduction to the ampler, more elabo- rate and comprehensive work of. He survived al-Farazdaq, his lifelong rival, but a short time either thirty or forty days. I desire a vat of wine from which I may get up drunk, And a cheerful cup-bearer, congenial to the minds. Founded by the Arabs in A. But as for thee, may God cause Kufa and Basra were the resort 2202 the pious and of the adventurer, the centres of religious and political movements.

And here one episkde led to enquire as to what were the system of education and the method of study that could produce such a prodigy.

Literally, a night old. Aarabic fore do ye shun as unclean a couch, that your fathers have used l and your progeny will use? He was famous for his satire.

Let him alone till to-morrow and, verily, if ye hear his voice, ye may be assured he is not dead. We then went after the horses, found such as had halted, abandoned such as had bolted, and returned to the dead friend to perform the last rites!


But I inclined aabic one of them whose dish was most capacious and who was most stinting of roughness. Sherishf gives another account of the origin of this term.

Full text of “The Maqamat Of Badi Al-zaman Al-hamadhani”

A pleasing effect ,ar produced here by the Improvisor replying in the same metre zajan rhyme. For generosity will not go unrewarded by God and man. The University Press of Cambridge is publishing for the first time an edition of this poet’s work. Then he left them. Probably he intended the question to remain undecided. But in less than the twinkling of an eye, there came in our view the figure 4 of a man which the hollows lowered from, and the ridges exposed to sight.

According to the context this seems to be the meaning rather than the explanation given by the commentator, viz. The noble abhor marrying their women, And therefore all their spinsters 4 remain old maids.

The derivative adjective from Rayy is Razf. And the importance is not in the water carrier, but zamah the vessel. IJariri xxx is a variation of Hamadhani xxx. Then we came to a fried-meat seller’s whose roasted meats 1 were dripping with fat, and whose cakes were streaming with gravy. arabkc

3ala mar zaman hal9a 4 part 1

It would increase your admiration 6 for me. Its people were distressed and had not slept a wink in the night for fear of the flood. Therefore observe, may God have mercy upon you! For example, the line on page 13, ‘ In the evening they are Arabs, in the morning Nabateans ‘, reappears, with a very slight aka, on page 88 of the text.

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