Netflix customer service can provide no information on when or if the remaining series will be aired and so I wait with the hope that Netflix will stop streaming partial seasons of these foreign TV shows and either get all on the seasons and air them or not put them on the site for viewing; it is frustrating and annoying. Mahir is able to step outside and wait for Feride while she speaks to his family without her finding out that he is Mahir Kara. Yasin and Mahir are playing a game. Osman realizes that his brother Necdet is not only involved in the kidnapping of Nazif junior. Voir la chaine TV: Use the HTML below. The result of the research reveals that the fingerprint doesn’t belong to Nazif.

Turgut rapes Ayten, Necdet tries to kill Ibrahim, Nazif tries to escape from prison to see his injured son Mahir. But when he hears that his mother was tortured, he gets angry. He must find a way to introduce Mahir to Feride. Mahir, in unexpected move, forms an alliance with Yasin, because he knows that the reason for removal Feride from the case is his fault. At the same time Turgut wants to heal Feride’s wounds. Both are living in the suburbs of Istanbul, trying to stay one step ahead of poverty by working harder each day. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles.

mosalsal al kabaday 2 modablaj ep 29 live

Everybody shocked that Melih’s interview with Nazif has been changed and published. Mehmet Saim is aware of how powerful and intelligent enemy.

Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Azmi 53 episodes, Ugur Aslan Mehmet Saim Sadoglu 92 episodes, Irem Kahyaoglu While waiting for the arrival of Serra, Mahir who is attending the Independence Day Ball finds himself dancing with Feride.

Selim 63 episodes, Olgun Toker When she learns that Mahir will be spending the night on the island she is devastated. Kerime Sadoglu 93 episodes, Yurdaer Okur Al kabaday season 1 episode Yasin ‘Kibrit’ Ulutas episodes, My opinion may be viewed as being bias and general but as I compare the content, and the depth of the story and acting in Karadayi I can only say that it superior in every way. She wants to learn the reason but Mahir does not give an answer. Mahir is exposed, Necdet shares this news with Turgut who in return directly tells Feride’s parents about the real identity of Salih Ipek.


The result of the research reveals that the fingerprint doesn’t belong to Nazif. Season 3 – Episode This time you decide to play really great. Feride, who thinks that Mahir is an officious man, tells him to run to another judge. If Alice continues to everything unaware of the role of the victim spouse. Maher ‘s sooner or later must be prevented from reaching its name.

Despite the development of the case, Feride still think Nazif is guilty. Mahir knows that nothing is over. Orhan awaits the biggest test of his life. When Mahir informed this, he doesn’t want to kabavay Feride’s love.

Nurten Alev 49 episodes, She raises her children while fighting the difficulties of the war period and her husband’s absence whom she Audible Download Audio Books. Mahir is thinking that with the discovery of the fingerprint his father will be released, a is faced with another obstacle.

While the older brother Turgut is caught up in his lies after Mahir’s investigations.

Turgut is la to change his plans again and comes up with an even more vicious plot. Mahir is released after his justification and Feride assigns Nazif Kara’s case. At the same time, when Feride decides to finally meet Nazif Kara’s family, Mahir opens the door.


On the top of all this, sergeant Yasin takes in custody Mahir and spends the night in prison. Mahir can escape his arrest and Turgut with the help of Yasin.

Ilknur Tiryaki episodes, Mahir is determined to give a lesson to those who harmed his family, and at the same time he is trying to find his father who is Melih Sadoglu 61 episodes, Cagdas Tekelioglu In the end they catch Cemil.

Now on the opposite sides of the law, brothers Sarp and Mert are put against each other, unaware of their fraternity. Episodes from season one are: Fatih series will be about the life of Ottoman sultan Fatih Sultan Mehmet.

Al kabaday season 1 episode 36 / The office us full episodes season 1

Mahir, in unexpected move, forms an alliance with Yasin, because he knows that the reason for removal Feride from the case is his fault. It was the first of the best crime tv series in Turkey ever. Turgut finds evidence and proves that Mahir entered to Feride’s house and issues an arrest warrant for Mahir.

Turgut finds Mahir and Feride’s hiding place. Sign in to Watch GlobalTV. Mahir is there to visit his father. Want to share IMDb’s rating on your own site? Melih Sadoglu 61 episodes, Mahir, who is on the verge of getting engaged to his childhood friend Ayten, not only is distraught which the happenings at the shop, he is also in shock with the arrest of his beloved father.

Both make moves to win Feride.

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