Sure, easy, read the latest threads on our forum. Just look at the case back in the last two pictures. This is not correct for Breitling, they do not have calendar functions on the subdials. Backwards B on the clasp keeper is a pretty obvious deal killer as well. Warnings When purchasing a Breitling watch, always buy from a reputable dealer. First of all, check the box and certificate of authenticity, everything should be spelled correctly and all printing should be perfect in quality and alignment. Breitling is a luxury watch manufacturer that prides itself on its sturdy construction and elegant designs.

Inspect the dials beneath the Breitling logo and look for one displaying the date. There are no pockets in shrouds. An imitation will not go to the trouble of replicating this certificate. Thanks for letting us know. Next, look at the logo. By Gynass in forum Breitling Fake Busters. Even to a novice like me, it looks fake. To link to this page from your website, simply click inside the box, then copy and then paste the code to your web page.

Professional – Breitling B-1 – a, a

Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk. Sure, easy, read the latest threads on our forum. It should move in a motion of 8 steps per second which makes it look like it is moving in a continuous motion.

Article Info This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. A68602 addition, the dials beneath the logo should display the date, but usually not the day of the week or the month, and the hands should q68062 smoothly, rather wafch ticking by each second To learn how to locate the model and serial number on your Breitling watch, keep reading!


Do all leather straps have the French writing on them, and do they all have serial numbers on the back?


Use common sense when bfeitling the authenticity of a Breitling design. Breitling Chronographe Etanche A No. Breitling only manufactures one open heart model, and its numbers are extremely limited.

You can see many imperfections. Not Helpful 8 Helpful With few exceptions, Breitling watches are of mechanical construction and the movement of the second hand will be constant. Thank you so much.

If the breeitling appears different or seems to be printed rather than etched, the watch is likely a fake. March 12th, How to detect fake:. On the fake, it barely makes an attempt to come in. It should not move in one second steps.

July 22nd, 9. Thanks for the clear images Next, look at the motion as the second hand moves.

By abarbosa in forum Breitling Fake Busters. By valentinluta in forum Breitling Fake Busters. If the watch doesn’t appear technically and aesthetically perfect in every way, chances are it’s an inferior reproduction. MR Mike Roman Sep 23, That doesn’t always resolve the counterfeit issue because some of those now have real serial numbers. Originally Posted by SnapIT.


Replicas tend to leave out this detail, or get the type of material wrong. Please help, Real or fake A? Counterfeit Products Watches In other languages: September 3rd, Newer watches will, but that is still no guarantee they are authentic.

Breitling Models

Breitlings with metallic bracelets usually have the model and serial number stamped on the bracelet itself, while some models with leather straps bear the wattch on the back of the watch instead, in case the band is replaced. July 20th, 6. Watch the movement of the hands. Tips Breitling uses only the finest materials to manufacture their timepieces, and their level of craftsmanship should speak for itself.

If it wasn’t for this article and the information of the anchor symbol that is detailed on the second hand, we would’ve surely been duped!

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