I like that Maro Kid, he’s very straight forward in what he thinks even if it means blaming his friend. Forget Dream High 2 and its cookie-cutter theories, this is my drug. The two boys shoot each other a look. I hate how’s he the rich boy with everything he wants maybe except Su-ah , and though this really has nothing to do with him, I hate how his friends are such uncaring and cowardly people. I don’t know, at first I thought Deo-mi would be like a sidekick, but damn if that girl isn’t self-centered and frivolous. Thank you for the fast recap! Ji-hyuk hits the bottle with his bare hand, breaking off the fat end, then grabs the broken neck in his hand without batting an eye. You guys are amazing!

You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Forget Dream High 2 and its cookie-cutter theories, this is my drug. I don’t know, at first I thought Deo-mi would be like a sidekick, but damn if that girl isn’t self-centered and frivolous. Let’s hear it for English classes all across the land, since everyone, everywhere, always reads the same novels! I’ll come back to recaps later. I’m glad I’m wrong though and this show totally rocks my world. While she may have not realized it earlier, with her being also rich, when she’s poor and gets closer to the boys she starts to see the difference.

I think it helps that it’s not an hour and some-odd minutes long: OMG I was stalking your website for the recap He looks up to find Su-ah standing there, having heard the message.


I have been religiously reloading dramafeaver to watch this. A soc short for “social” has money, can get away with just about anything, and has an attitude longer than a limousine. We even have the death.


The students eye them with reproach, having heard that they beat up Pyo-joo; they call them shameless for showing their faces. But that caution seems to fall by the wayside as he storms off with murder in his eyes. Raitei February 6, at 6: They reminisce about how great he was at pool, how he hated losing — and how he never caught on to the fact that Ji-hyuk lost on purpose to let him win.

I can’t wait gooddrqma JH starts falling for SA: I’m crying by just reading the recap.

They’re all pretty charismatic, even the quiet drummer guy, but I think Kyung Jong is the most charming. I confess that I a peeved about losing Lee Min-Ki Those thoughts aside, is the song they sung on gooddramaa.

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I know that this story is about the boys, their struggles, their dreams, and their friendship and I adore they’re friendship–the gand Ha Jin and Kyung Jong are always hugging! I REALLY hope her character shines brighter in the next couple of episodes, because thus far, apart from her gorgeous looks and decent personality amidst the snobbiest of snobsshe doesn’t have that charm or charisma that merits attraction as the female lead.

And lastly one is in the bachelor show. That asshole who’s obsessed with dolphins can really play that guitar. I think in their highschool it’s sort of just showing off that you’re rich, pretty, cool, etc. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but there is a website that seems to be using your recaps.

Is maru played by the death kid in white Christmas? Cha Eun Ae February 9, at Mystisith February 8, at 4: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. I was starting to get quite attracted to his aberrations. She acts like he’s her little brother.


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Ji-hyuk runs, seemingly no destination in mind other than away. I feel so sad for the boys after having lost Byung Hee; it feels like he’s the thick, tight rope that really gooedrama them and protects them from outside dangers.

Whats amazing is that they have listed this as comedy. I love this show.

He frantically leaves messages for them to stay out of trouble and not do anything. How old is he? I LOVE this show! I find it pretty funny interesting that almost all the boys have branched out to their own dramas now.

Flower Boy BandSung Joon. Just my two cents. Dorotka February 7, at Ji-hyuk runs into the fray and drags Do-il off, but Hyun-soo turns on him, angry. Though shut up seems to be moving away from that which is fine by me. Zain February 6, at 6: The friends make a sad little funeral procession carrying the photo, until Kyung-jong shrugs off his jacket and wraps it around the frame, saying that Byung-hee hated being cold.

Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Can’t wait for tomorrow! Man, I sure hope this thing tears at Seung-hoon and his friends.

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