In embarrassment, he tells Sung Jae to use his card as much as he wants Just then, Secretary Yoon arrives with a speech Mama Kang needs to memorize. Mama Choi, of course, is upset beyond measure, but Ho-jung refuses to budge. That being said, I stand by my opinion that she and Sang-woo are actually cute together. Episodes Weekend Dilemma: I think this drama si one of the best korean drama only problem is sub.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Sun Woo says shouldn’t it be the other way around, because she knows the situation. I liked that I was able to feed you at home and make you play with me, using the motorcycle as an excuse. Boss Bang comes in to return the stew bowl to the new daughter Ho Jung and asked Sam Jae why he’s home. And cried, to boot. Talk about a doozy of an episode.

Did I get everyone? So Mi says “I’m sorry. We better be starting on the road to redemption.

My blood is starting to curdle already. He merely said “He’s back, isn’t he?

And by reconciliation, I mean eeeeveryone on this show of brokenly broken twistily twisty relationships. She hurriedly says no, she’ll do it Miss Sister, however, is being browbeaten dauhter Woo-jae to eat breakfast with the family as per their agreement.


Ho-jung goes to visit Papa Lee under the excuse of looking for her lost earring and drives him to his new temporary workplace: The glowing recommendation your very first paragraph of this post convinced me to give it a try.

Mysterious, judging by the music playing. What he does and who he meets are up to him, but she can’t bear thinking of him meeting his birth mother. Thanks for the recaps watched it raw…. This site uses cookies. What is your relationship to her? Where did the loving Woo-jae go? They bicker that even if he’s a man, it doesn’t mean he knows what jy do. Ho Jung immediately reversed the jacket and he tells her she’s doing well. Bang, who owns a carpentry store I think? Mama Choi, of course, is upset beyond measure, but Ho-jung refuses to budge.

They end up meeting at a coffee shop. A lot of people were divided when Seo-young decided to lie about Papa Lee and marry Woo-jae. Yes, I liked it.

[KDrama] My Daughter Seo Young Episode 31 Text and Video Preview

His response when she wakes daugther up? Oh no, he’s HJ’s brother, don’t really want HJ to end up alone, so I got curious and open this thread anyway Aww, your poor little heart. However, after WJ and her got married, all that spark and sizzle in their relationship died why does this always happen to couples in weekend dramas, that is, if they even had chemistry to begin with?


Seriously, is this the end of the you-know-what going down? Thank you for this update!

Woo-jae also came, and he sits next to Seo-young but she moves away. Thank you very much for the update. Now that series made me cry endlessly!!

My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 31 | Carrotblossom Patch

Wow I think the mother in law looked more upset than WJ. Gah, too much twisty twistiness going on here. The next morning, Seo-young awkwardly stands at the entrance to recp dining room and Woo-jae pushes her in. My guess is Secretary Yoon. Seo-young, though, takes care of him throughout the night. Hahahahaa you are too cute.

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