Amazingly, what Simone doesn’t say or do creates all the more buzz, and causes Taransky to face the reality of his industry. Claudia Jordan as Simone Stand-in. Vincent Boling as Reporter. No one could have done the Viktor Taransky part better than la Pacino himself. Comedy Drama Fantasy Sci-Fi. Select category Add custom category. Benjamin Salisbury as P.

The Possession of Hannah Grace. No one could have done the Viktor Taransky part better than la Pacino himself. LOOOL at the 5 inch floppy disk used! Daniel von Bargen as Chief Detective. Patrick Dancy as Premiere Audience Member. Add to wish list. Alan Laoyza as Valet Manager.

Brad ‘Chip’ Pope as Concert Technician. Daniel von Bargen as Chief Detective. Dutch and French Aspect Ratio: Darnell Williams as Studio Executive. The “actress” becomes an overnight sensation, with a major singing career as well, and everyone thinks she’s a real person. Select category Add custom category Go.

Low-key comedy about Hollywood absurdities is aided by some great acting talent and a lot of funny in-jokes.

Comedy Drama Fantasy Sci-Fi. Havent seen this one in a long time. James Gleason as Reporter. Moss Mossbery as Rabbi. View All Critic Reviews Jim Rash as Studio Executive. The references to subtitlrs stars Sophia Loren, Jodie Foster etc.


The cinematography is top-notch and it is appropriate that Hollywood has an orange glare while a blue-ish shroud of mist surrounds the indoor areas and studios. Unusual for Al Pacino tot take on such a role of a slightly Comedic fashion, in a film that wasn’t really really great. Blu-ray rating Video 0.

I wished they’d’ve gone a few more steps than they only suggested for instance, giving Simulation One some recognizable traits from some actresses to complete the illusion instead of the vacuous automaton we getbut Al still gives us a fun enough ride for the money. Deborah Rawlings as Coral.

Pruitt Taylor Vince as Max Sayer. I hereby confirm that I have read subtiles understood the forum rules. Either way Viktor Taransky Al Pacino finds himself growing more and more aware of the media-obsessed culture in which he tries to earn his living.

Subdl : Subtitle for s1m0ne aka simone

R2 United Kingdom – Entertainment in Video. No one could have done the Viktor Taransky part better than la Pacino subtitled.


Robert Musgrave as Mac. Forced to think fast, the producer decides to digitally create an actress “Simone” to sub for the star–the first totally believable synthetic actress.

Lady D’arbanville Super Reviewer. Stanley Anderson as Frank Brand. Christopher Marley as Police Diver.

S1M0NE Blu-ray

You don’t so much admire the movie as feel bludgeoned by its attitudes, however commendable they may be. Already have an account? Clyde Tull as Priest. For having the option to view the deleted scenes with direct access when watching the film. Darrin Heames as Premiere Audience Member. S1m0he MacKechnie as Reporter.

Echo Photographer as Chris Coppola. Don’t have an account? The satire in S1m0ne lacks bite, and the plot isn’t believable enough to feel relevant.

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