She rips off Aarti and Prashant’s wedding card and requests Aarti to forget her past and start a new life with Yash. Are you the publisher? Aarti reads the letter, which informs her about Yash’s father’s decision. She futher walks ahead to find her pathway strewn with balloons and one red heart shaped balloon amongst them pointing her where to go next. Later, Vidhi and Amma go to the second class compartment to meet Shobha and Satyendra. He reprimands her for putting his colouring bottles open in the bag. Cookies Websites use cookies that have been placed on this site by its operator: He manages to say yes, but thinks that he would have to get over his dilemma soon.

While returning, Aarti accidentally dashes with Yash outside the gaming zone. Vikrant asks him not to serve such calorific food to abhi. After seeing Mr Khanna’s overfriendly behavior with his daughter, Gayatri fears that Paridhi may even transform Pratik’s behavior after their wedding. He arrives in his car, and is surprised to see her waiting outside. Aarti does not reply and leaves. Satyendra too is shocked. Kamla begins the ritual, and others follow.

Vikrant gets a call, that its an evening flight at 8: She says thats why he engaged with her. Without wasting time, Prateik informs Paridhi about their marriage.

He maintains that this is right and this should have been done ten years back. Aarti agrees to go ahead with the engagement and comes downstairs. When will be Punar Vivah next episode air date? Shobha overhears their conversation and gets surprised.

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She says 2220 she made a mistake, that she was quiet for ten years, but not this time around. Game of Thrones Nine noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros. They ask what does he mean.


Aarti recollects the moments spent with her ex-husband Prashant and for a moment imagines him to be around her. She shows that its beside 22 havan kund, and that he should get it for his mother. Amma proposes marriage to Aarti on behalf of Yash.

Just then Mansi enters the house and disconnects the call. She assures him that they would go together.

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He remembers where sarita used to sleep in his room. He eepisode her, and says that they would live on, and see how happy she is. Vikrant asks her not to pretend to care for these rituals, as he got a mother and not a wife for him, and she cant be episodee also.

He takes sarita away. Pratik is left surprised when Aarti praises Yash for paying the full payment of the commodities, which Pankaj had purchased from them.

While returning, Aarti accidentally dashes with Yash outside the gaming zone. However, Pratik comes to her rescue and poses as her brother-in-law. Sarita says that she was much comfortable in her previous room, where she had space for episods, unlike here. TV Show was canceled. Ansh blames Aarti for losing the race. Ansh feels happy when Yash helps Aarti and restarts her scooty. The priest asks for an elderly alternative.

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Finally she flinches her hand away, jerking vikrant into waking up. Pratik enquires with Yash about the girl epiode whom he mistakenly showered flowers.

Aarti and Yash are handcuffed on their way to the police station.


Sarita asks her to think of herself, adn remember that abhi has his mother, who would protect him and never let him fall prey to their tactics. When Aarti complains to Shobha and Satyendra about it, they leave along with her. Enable cookies Change your cookie settings. Aarti doubts whether Yash would accept Ansh and take his responsibility. Vandana reminds them that its time to depart now. She futher walks ahead to find her pathway strewn with balloons and one red heart shaped balloon amongst them pointing her where to go next.

He adds that he would also write letters to Yash. He says that he isnt taking for himself for punzr, and explains the problem as they both begin to enter into a fight. It is revealed that the important guests whom Yash had asked Pratik to receive were none other than Arpita’s parents.

He says that he would know soon. Aarti and Ansh are returning home from the shopping mall when Aarti’s scooty breaks down. Aarti is puzzled on learning that Shobha and Satyendra had called Raghu to meet her. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

In the makeup room, she asks about the absurdity of this. Google Analytics cookies processed by Google LLC used for the purpose of analysing visitor traffic on this website. Aarti does not reply and leaves.

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