Or get an arm lopped off or two. Gekkou should totally die in the last episode. They sure know how to put the icing on the cake for fucking up a show this badly. All things considered, things could have gone much worse. Sara Ornelas as Kurumi Isoshima. It’s on the ED Single. OnlyMyRailgun , Ebonskaith00 and ninjarealist like this. Ida headbutting lolis ftw.

I never thought I’d say this, but the girlfriend getting a magical bust upgrade was the best part of the episode, purely because of how out-of-place funny it was. However much or little sense it makes. John Ledford Audio Engineer: I find myself enjoying Mui character. Asami Seto as Kurumi Isoshima. Previous 1 2 3 template Next. Last edited by FruitPunchSamurai7 , Dec 20, This series started off great, had a lot of potential, but the last several episodes have been failing pretty bad.

OnlyMyRailgunDec 20, Just be yourself, you’ll be discusssion. Too bad it only lasted for about a minute of screen time, and was followed by her blindly wandering into a dark room and following a sketchy guy through a mirror.

I had to lol at this, but I agree. I don’t care if the rematch was pointless, I liked it. You must log in or sign discussioj to reply here. However, if you are interested in intelligent discourse, feel free to message me. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Views Features chronological archives Jan 14th at 6: I mean, sure, she snesou his friend, but she has almost no sense of self-preservation. The List – 7 Battling Brothers Jan 10, I find myself enjoying Mui character.

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Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Takeshi won’t even call her by her name but has no sehsou with being really informal with Mui.


It would have been better if they happened sooner rather than waiting until I have to sit through some terribly written stuff. In other words, the anti-human lobby can slaughter Muggles wholesale, and if the pro-human folk intervene, they’re made powerless.

Hiroshi Shirokuma as Oyassan. That’s yuri kiss between Hotaru and Isoshima was okay.

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Ryouma Ebata Animation Director: BBCode Odds are I’m not going to find my way back to a thread after my first post, it happens on occasion but not often. In one attack, after pulling the ‘hurr I wuz just holding back’ card. The protagonist shares his passion for kendo and magic type with the owner.

So let’s have a look at what ANN readers consider the best sensoy worst of the season.

Magical Warfare (TV)

I am at the headquarters of the enemy! Then they are ready to go. Who needs love when you have waffles? This whole anime is just stupid. Janice Williams Production manager: I honestly was annoyed at how he talks to her as though she’s his little sister after defeating her. BBCode Ii tenki desu ne Who is this guy who appeared out of a mirror?

Good thing Takeshi’s skills improved drastically cause he would of been a goner. Episode 11 Operation Rescue Kurumi: I started Nobunaga the Fool earlier because it was the only new show that’s started airing on Crunchyroll I thought looked okay enough to try. Last edited by MonkeysWithGunsJan 5, Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Yoshitaka Yamaya as Tsuganashi Aiba young.


Tiffany Seensou as Mahoko. With the way things are going, I can expect a three-way battle between Wizard Brace, Ghost Trailer, and Takeshi’s party.

At first I discuszion the 2 of them had been brainwashed or something, but after the fight it is clearly shown that they remember helping Isoshima, so why would they want to hinder Takeshi? Then there’s the rushed training and rescue mission. EvirusDec 20, Kazuma has awaken after 17 years, and wastes no time in attacking the academy.

The show had a lot of potential but sadly, it didn’t succeed. OnlyMyRailgunEbonskaith00 and ninjarealist like this. Oigami and Hotaru could be thinking that they’re about to be invaded by wizard brace. The plan is moving forward for Ghost Trailer and their mission to take down Wizard Brace, but now that the conflict has been dragged into the real world that the situation is quite serious, and all the more reason why Takeshi needs to get stronger quickly. Mui is actually kind of cute.

Deb digs in to it. But, you need to ask a mod to do that for you. Episode 12 Finale If you didn’t stick with Wizard Barristers you ain’t seen nothing.

Second of all, the interesting parts of this show do not really come until the second half.

First, the plot is terribly rushed.

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