Truth for Kusanagi-san and Awashima-san. These shortcuts only works with our main server and external servers that support the standard. Defo ended up like Kyoko Skip Beat , under bed covers! After that he lick a certain side of his neck and give it a hickey and kiss his lips. But I think kiss Misaki will be good. A dare to the lovely mikorei couple. Not creepy at all.

I never thought that you crying. Seri-san I have a question, how does it feel to have 2 smokin’ hot! This episode I found to be quite creepy. But it’s actually not as scary. Don’t make promises that you are going to break. Maybe yes and maybe no. This about ‘truth’ so I want Shiro-kun choose between Kuroh and Neko.

Never lie about doing work that you didn’t do.

K Episode 5: Red vs Blue

Not a member yet? I love you Sayuri-chan.

K Truth or Dare my friends suggested me to make this. So this sounds scary And Kuroh, I dare you to strip.

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Just In All Stories: Tell ajimewaffles if both of you would did it on purpose if there weren’t any interruption at that time: D btw this is just for fun don’t take it to seriously Anna-chan.

Seven Stories Movie 2 – Side: Ask my friend don’t ask me, I just following order.


Izumo-kun, as reward for ur patience if it’s okay with author Seri-chan you may do anything u want to Munakata-sama. After that he lick a certain side of his neck and give it a hickey and kiss his lips. D in K memory of red chapter 8, rainy day. Make sure there are no spaces in the HTML tags. If you don’t like ventriloquism Would you rather lick Yata or kiss him?

So the real conflict this episode was a direct fight between the traitor Fushimi and Yata-san, who was very easily riled up after a few choice words. HopefullyTime and patience is all I need to make this blog nicer. Yata-kun don’t turn- Yata: Ok, Just watched episode 1. The name is this ‘K anime waffles’ and you will find K. Phewww, got through episode 2!!! And Kusanagi can’t kill Munakata even if he want to because only a king can kill a king. Because now I’m in your side Yata: The room has no light, there’s 1 switch in there and there’s a dark aura and a sound like ‘hihihihihihi’.

I will continue watching! Not creepy at all. I choose paranormal activity.

I animewafflfs with you completely! This about ‘truth’ so I want Shiro-kun choose between Kuroh and Neko. But this one turned out to be not so scary.


I quite surprised that I am still brave enough to watch this alone! In any way, do not start or participate in any flame wars. Season 2 Episode 8: We are not Meme Central nor do we want to be.

Now Munakata-san and Mikoto-san repeat that scene please. Btw the ghost should be there. Really I pity Yata-kun and Munakata-kun because they have to do something that they hate and btw I like your episodw.

Give 1 reason about your opition. Just a little fright at the eye I found it on tumblr: D but this time, you have to do it for real omg I’m so sorry guys ;w. Last but not least ;3 to little Anna-chan. The bugs are taking over!! Protecting the lives and honor of their clansmen is an integral part of the Kings’ duties.

Remember me Forgot password? Got a fright from the jumpy bit but not too scary Ep 6:

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