So letting the scanner work even unattended — no problem gets the job done quite fast: Pretty annoying if this is in the first few of the tray! For me, this was the main reason for buying such an expensive scanner, and the main advantage over the Veho. It makes parts of the picture look like they are in 16 colours. The colours are not well saturated and the scans have a distinctly washed-out feel to them. DigitalGEM oversharpens The only enhancement I found to be any good was Digital ICE — the hardware-based technology for removing well, working around scratches and dust using infrared light.

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Can I ask how much you got for it?

I also had some rather thicker slides, with the film sandwiched between two pieces of glass. The supplied software is rather crude.

I hope it is not too late for answer, but here it is anyway: But click for the full-resolution version and see how odd it looks. With these, you get around 10 megapixels. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The image optimization can take place also in batch mode at any time later, automatically freed of dust and scratches using iSRD.


I guess it would explain the loading problems I was having. But I still had difficulty with the reliability of the loading mechanism.

reflecta DigitDia 6000

The colours are not well saturated and the scans have a distinctly washed-out feel to them. It is useful to lay reflects 12 slides on a flat rigitdia, scan at dpi then crop accordingly though some slides quality may be pretty poor to start with. The scanner package also includes a feature for colour restoration, DigitalROC, which brings me on to my next point….

But it quickly became clear that this tray was not dkgitdia designed and does not hold the slides straight only up on edge, not along the bottom. More efficient working is now ensured by the faster scanning speed of only 90 seconds at full resolution of dpi. Good to know it works on Windows 7, too. They usually load into the scanner fine, but upon trying to unload them they often jam and have to be manually removed. I am thinking of buying a Nikon second hand as I have thousands of slides to scan.

It was cheaper to do this than to rent one, or to send the slides to a photographic shop. Just wanted to drop you teflecta line to say, I enjoy reading your site.

Reflecta DigitDia – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

Here you clearly recognize, the manufacturer LaserSoft Imaging has many, many years of experience in the field of scanning software. What do Reflecta users say about SilverFast? This is an unrecoverable jam and so your batch job stops. These had square corners.


Luckily, I had a slide tray that came bundled with the slides I inherited. SilverFast Ai Studio delivers better digital images just by the fact, that its raw data processing is much better. I use my Reflecta digitdia for one year I have a big amount of slides to scan: Posted on Jun 7, by Jonathan. Hi Christiaan, Thanks for posting.

The software does work for Windows 7 as well. It makes parts of the picture look like they are in 16 colours. Email required Address never made public.

So I recommand this scanner, with the inconvenients of noise and crude software. They seem pretty rare reglecta though. SilverFast Ai Studio not only impresses having a wide range of features for scan optimization, [