Try searching using the search feature the boards. I then uninstalled everything, and I do mean everything that had ATI in the name. Hey dude how do un-install the ol drivers And by the way , i am not M8 , i am M9 advanced model: Have you restarted your computer and Boinc? I’m thinking you may be missing a ‘fix’ in the ati code, or a file is missing.

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You’re using the opti app right? And by the wayi am not M8i am M9 advanced model: Sort Oldest first Newest first Highest rated posts first.

It definitely served me well. My wife uses the lappy when she wants to surf. Wednesday, February 20th Just wish I could dechiper the “output file absent” message. You can download the AGP hotfix for the Cat 8. I then installed 8. Maybe I was just lucky Only ran it for a couple of test runs with 0.

ATI Catalyst Released | TechPowerUp

CP gave cxtalyst the link to the Cat 8. Never had problems installing the drivers, never had to use the Sapphire Hotfix either. I was on 8. I found out about the AGP hotfix by reading on that site, but they only had Cat 9. Ok lets roll again about the drivers subject If I remember you can fix that by right clicking on “my computer” then click on “properties” then on “hardware tab” then at bottom click on “hardware profiles” You might see 2 profiles OS there.


ATI Catalyst Display Driver 8.12 HOTFIX for Windows Vista

For example I have my profile on mine “martin” and my wife’s twyla she logs off then switch to her side. I had a similar problems years ago and ultimately I just reformated.

Strange thing happened when I booted up the new board; it couldn’t find my OS! Message – Posted: When I try to load 8. I didn’t have these issues with the PCIe cards. Try searching using the search feature the boards.

Need Help – HD AGP & Cat +

Just remember to uninstall any previously installed catalyst drivers. Read the file datalyst cluster has with it if you haven’t. For the full list of fixes, please read the Catalyst 9. I can’t get MW WUs to execute without errors. I think it’s time for a fresh Format and a Vista x64 install. Post to thread Subscribe.

That button never seems to ‘work’ jotfix I’ll submit news which will be ignored, and the 20 minutes or so later the exact thing I posted is up on the main page without any mention of who sent it in. When I first installed my card, I put version 9.


Banditwolf – Yes I’ve done both; several times. As far as the dual OS that you now seems to have this could potentially “disturb” Xp in its functionality.

Nothing but errors like you have experienced.