Sumi feels uneasy and is about to faint but bhairon holds her. All episodes of Balika Vadhu will be available in the form of written update in crunchyupdates. Crunchy Updates for You. Powering a new job search engine for military veterans. Balika vadhu 26th March written update Balika vadhu 25th March written update. But she stopped her n said bad times are ober now its time for good times only. Balika Vadhu 13th March written update WU. Shiv takes his blessing.

Sumi,bahiron,anandi keep requesting them not to go. Gauri leaves with anger. Shiv gave credit to anandi that how bravely anandi handled the situations. They are happy to see DS play with Mannu. Daddu exclaims that its a very big basket to which DS replies saying that all different flowers are there- giving names of actresses like the way Daddu names his flowers. Balika Vadhu 14th March written update Click on the above links. The families then proceed to the dinner table.

The families sit down when A carries Mannu. Badi biji talking to herself when will i get food.

Hearing this Daddu arrives there saying that he cannot miss any opportunity to come to their house. Madhubala 11th March Written Episode Update. Shobha is still begging G3 and unable to see that Dubey tells its waste of time and qritten Arthi away before they are humiliated further.


The Singhs greet the Shekhars. Michelle Caroll 6 January at All agreed to it but shiv remain silent. Sumi gives gehena her “kasam” too but no result. Nandu asks y all r crying.

property in mumbai: Balika Vadhu 26th January Written Episode

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Bhairav asks A if she made the food. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Balika vadhu 25th March written update. Balika Vadhu 14th March written update WU.

Basant replies that maasa went to kokatta and rest r fines too. Bhairon tries to console her that when basant anger will cool down they will come back, he wont disrespect maasa’s “sanskar”. She answers and tells him she is never returning to Mumbai and never wants to see him and hates him.

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These supplements lead to https: Ansh then comes in and apalogises to G3 in a very sweet way. Balika Vadhu 4th January Written Update.

She says what ever happened till now was her immaturity. At haveli, Sumitra and gauri challenge each other!

DS is shown playing with Mannu in the living room when the rest of the family and Wpisode Singhs reach there. Balika Vadhu 15th March written update Click on the above links. He then presents a bouquet of flowers to DS.


He asked anandi y she is not eating. Are you the publisher? DS says that she looks young only from the outside but running behind the kid has rattled her weak bones. Shiv takes his blessing. Gehena G orders him not to speak. Steve Coleman 10 January at Balika Vadhu 18 Mar written update Click on 11gh above links.

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While G3 is verbally abusing Arthithe nurse interrupts and wrltten how Arthi was helpful taking care of Yash. We are your finest source of info. She asks S if he will enjoy the fruit with them every day once the season arrives.

Ira asked shiv who is bit tensed that whats the issue as he is looking very low. G3 tells Arthi has gotten used to the riches of the Scindias and hence is unwilling to leave.

Balika Vadhu 18th March written Episode. A then tells G that her face is lit up after Mannu arrival. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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