But I randomly paused this episode at the frame before the cops busted down the door to Louis’ house, at the shot of the picture of Pope Paul II propped on top of the Tv set. Simon would be disappointed for you to conclude that. I also wondered where Michael got the gun. In a weird way, Kennard, who would later kill one of our faves, saves a life by dissing Namond, and making it clear to everyone that breeding aside, Bay’s son is pretty much raw meat on the corner. And it was so much sweeter because we had to wait so long for it — through Lester spending several episodes wondering where all the bodies are, through him looking everywhere in town but the vacants, through Herc putting his hands on the nail gun and still not getting it, etc. Season 2 was really great. Alan, I’m not too sure if you come back to read these comments but I wanted to thank you for your reviews of S1 and S2.

Well, you were the only one who had that order, Buddy. I just wanted to chime in here and say I’ve enjoyed reading through and up with all of your posts on ‘The Wire’. I’m obviously way late to the party, but I just wanted to say a couple things that jumped out to me on second viewing of the episode and then reading the review Good to see Method Man back in action. Can’t wait for your recaps, Alan. He’s the only one who can chase all the useless bodies away from the crime scene, the first one to realize how the street signs got turned around, the only one to notice McNulty sitting in a corner, covered in blood. Cool Lester Smooth, who for a while is the only member of the detail other than maybe Daniels, but he’s understandably detained to understand how they might be able to use their resources to catch the shooters, and who pulls off another investigative miracle with his “pull” of the Slice can. Just wanted to add that since I haven’t read another comment on this newbie post that already answered your question.

Not to say “when will you review it! I agree with this in thee way, but I would argue sepinwwall humanity and derangement are not mutually exclusive.

From Marlo to Omar to Walker Chris Bauer as Frank was so much fun to watch; Such genuineness to his scences. I’m another reader that was struck by this: Sobotka is one of the more complex characters on a series that prides itself on giving depth to even the worst people like Vondas’ affection for Nick.


As for Bunk and Freamon wasting a bunch of time looking for a body, remember Se;inwall himself is wanted for a murder. The Wire, Season 1, Episode Mike Very good point.

‘The Wire’ Rewind: Season 3, Episode 11 – ‘Middle Ground’ (Veterans edition)

Well, it’s been fun. Season 4 is amazing, but the whole time, I kept thinking, “I miss Stringer Wedding night is fight night! Mayor Royce, political hack of all hacks, seems genuinely energized by the possibilities of eeason Bunny has created. I loved the entire season, and this episode was great, but I found myself wanting to see at least a few seconds back at the church, where the season’s conflict began. Lord of the Rings!!

We both know this.

‘The Wire’ Rewind: Season 3, Episode 11 – ‘Middle Ground’ (Newbies edition)

Season 3 is my favorite, though I think Season 4 is the “best” by any objective standard. The reviews really helped ground me and now I’m convinced of what a masterpiece the show is and am looking forward to watching Season 1 again once I’m through the run and reading the other edition of the reviews.

Cheers to Chris Bauer. Alan was on a podcast with Bill Simmons and they both agreed that Season 4 of the Wire is probably the best single season of television ever.

Season 4 – You see where all of these characters originate from Season 1 – Introduction to this amazing show, world and characters.

Cheese” or demanding his Harper’s, it was ultimately more distractio than anything else. Does he know how to contact him still? Yes, it’s true, Marlo probably never enjoyed Bullwinkle’s Moose-o-Rama, though from what we’ve seen of the kids in Season 4, maybe he did- I’m about Marlo’s age and caught a little of it- I still think he would be able to put together the Boris reference. This is such a superior way to enjoy television – find great content, watch it at your own pace, get expert criticism and commentary from a pro Alan and the fans commenters.

My brush with true celebrity TCA: Moore Battlestar Galactica finale Ronald D. What a great show. March can be summer can’t it?

The FBI’s presence causes more problems than it solves, the death of a key witness Wallace last year, Frank this year prevents the detail from getting to the major players, and a talented investigator first Jimmy, now Beadie is wasted aimlessly driving a vehicle around the port.

Looking forward to it. Another show Alan reviewed very sporadically especially in its later lesser seasonsbut he did review every episode of the And of course the reward is that he’s promoted, no longer has access to Prez’s generosity, but since sepinwalll else has changed he’ll probably be back to where he started at the beginning of the season. Mary’s off the hook! Though Wallace is ambulatory and alert and healthy, his decision to leave the cricket-infested farm country and go back to West Baltimore places him in just as much danger as Kima currently faces.


Wlre will still work, whether they’re black or white, they’ll just find work in the underground economy. As a real latecomer I alna watching The Wire a month ago, and just finished Season 2.

I completely agree with the sentiment voiced above that while Season 4 is probably objectively the best, Season 3 is my absolute favorite. Given all of the other great shows on or debuting right now, we should be finishing S2 just around June. He sees his archnemesis hurting, and rather than pour salt in the wound, he tries to help him.

Wee-Bey, Stinkum, Bird–all gone. And speaking of which I used to like David Aan Doctor Who, “Journey’s End”: The general election and inaguration apparently happened off stage at some alqn.

Maybe the difference is also because Ziggy is older than Namond, although they are about equal age when it comes to the respective srpinwall. For me, Season 2 took a wee bit to get going but once it did, things started motoring on.

‘The Wire’: Links for reviews to every episode

Dad’s drunk, Mom’s a killer. The episode closes with a pair of scenes tied together by similar-looking computer read-outs: When Fitz told Daniels that it slan his guy Koutris that was the leak, there was a quick pan to Herc and Carver.

Tragically, Colesberry – who also dabbled in acting on the show as bumbling Homicide veteran Ray Cole – died before season three really got up and running. Thanks all — yeah, I do remember now that Lex aire wanted for the other murder.

I get that the Greek was an asset for Koutris, and that he did his mental calculus.

I was back in my Polish relatives’ homes. To avoid spoiling anything, I don’t even want to say anymore, because my memory of what happens in which season is blurring. I’ve been hearing how great the show is for years from people I respect, but could never get past the first few episodes.

Seasob am sad about Season 3 but eager to start Season 4 and 5 with you

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